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  1. I was able to duplicate the problem by turning on DirectX 10 preview. Is that the problem? If so, sorry, but DirectX 10 is not supported. However, I believe some people have used it without this problem. Are you using the DirectX 10 fixer app?
  2. So you must have a new install of FSX. Maybe it's an FSX setting? Do you have high-res 3D cockpit selected? The other possibility I guess would be something to do with your Windows installation since it is brand new. But those kinds of issues are outside my field of knowledge.
  3. Did it work OK after using the new installer but before updating to 2.1?
  4. I'm not totally clear on the history and the phrase "upgrade my DC8 to FSX steam" is a little confusing to me. Did you have the steam version with the radar working correctly, but then after upgrading to the latest version is doesn't work? Is that correct?
  5. Try a fresh install? Back up your liveries and aircraft config file first.
  6. As an option, yes.
  7. I don't have the Steam version installed, nor am I familiar with the inner workings of the updater, so I will ask Mathijs to look at this.
  8. I have given some thought to this and will start on it this week.
  9. In the vertical you are essentially limited to vertical speed with the AP on for the climb, so you adjust it as needed to maintain your target speeds of 250 knots to 10,000 feet and then 300 knots/Mach 0.78 to cruise altitude.
  10. The autopilot has both vertical and lateral modes. Vertical modes include vertical speed and altitude hold, the latter being invoked by setting vertical speed to zero. Finally there is a pitch dampening mode in which the autopilot no longer controls pitch; rather the pilot does so with either trim or the control column. Pitch dampening would be used when a high degree of turbulence causes the autopilot to over correct or oscillate up and down in pitch attitude. Lateral modes consist of turn mode (a knob is used to select a rate of turn), heading select, VOR/localiser mode, and AUX in which the INS controls the AP to track flight plan waypoints. Flight plan waypoints are entered into the INS either manually, or simply be loading a flight plan using the simulator menus. And finally there is ILS mode in which both glide slope and localiser are tracked. There is no auto throttle. Power is set based on chart values corresponding to take off, climb, cruise or idle for descent. During the approach you have to know how to set power manually, but this is explained in the tutorial.
  11. There is a detailed step by step pdf tutorial and an additional stand alone manual for the INS.
  12. Can you give me a little more detail? You had FSX Steam 2.0 and then updated to with the Aerosoft updater, is that correct? Does the panel appear when you press shift-6, but it doesn't function? Or do you not have the panel at all?
  13. It's available via the updater for both P3D and FSX. Shift-6 to bring up the panel. Let me know if there are any problems.
  14. I wasn't able to duplicate this using the aircraft as set up for the tutorial. Did you touch the vertical pitch knob at all? Perhaps you inadvertently took it out of vertical speed mode. The other possibility is perhaps the aircraft ran out of available elevator trim. The autopilot uses elevator trim for pitch control (a default behaviour). If you use the cargo version it is possible to set the centre of gravity too far forward to the point there might not be enough elevator trim available to maintain both a climb and high rate of turn. If this happens again, please check the trim indicator to see if it is maxed out and also check the centre of gravity % of MAC (shift-3) and let me know your findings. Another possibility is too high a rate of climb and that the aircraft stalled, but I would expect the stick shaker to go off in those circumstances.
  15. Can you tell me if this is in FSX or P3D? Also what version of the DC-8 are you using? Is it the latest version with the 2D autopilot panel (shift-6)? I would like to rule out the new version having introduced a bug of some kind. Also, are you sure vertical speed is selected on the AP panel's pitch knob?
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