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  1. Michael2

    Autopilot work with external FMC

    I implemented a fix today that should allow external apps to control heading select when the autopilot is in that mode. The fix will be available in the next update, to be released soon.
  2. This is usually caused by an xml "event" firing every code cycle, which is something I make sure isn't happening before each version is released. However, I just loaded a saved flight in which the problem did occur. Were you starting with a saved flight? You should be able to resolve the problem by creating a new flight, or by reloading the aircraft. You can do this by assigning a key to "reload user object" in the P3D controls settings. But be careful when you reload as you will lose how you have the aircraft configured which you may not want to do. I did identify the event problem in the saved file, so I will try to track down the cause for the next update (which will happen soon).
  3. Michael2

    dc8 sim

    I can't duplicate this in FSX or P3D. Are you saying the switch won't rotate, or it does rotate, but the flight director doesn't work? Are you on FSX or P3D?
  4. Michael2

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Finished the last of the default cargo liveries with this Fine Air paint. There is also a United cargo livery I haven't shown as it's very similar to the passenger one.
  5. Michael2

    Autopilot work with external FMC

    I have looked at my code and see the problem. I created a local heading hold variable that controls the sim variable in heading select mode. I did this so you don't the see the heading bug rotating around the compass when using the turn knob to some value other than where you left it. It's something that I might be able to fix, but I need a little time to figure out the least painful way.
  6. Michael2

    DC8 Operations

    Also connected the take off warning to throttle #3 as well as #1.
  7. Michael2

    DC8 Operations

    Merci Domm, Je parle un peu de français, mais pas beaucoup, et pas bien. Mes enfants vont à l'école en français mais ils refusent de le parler chez nous, donc je n'ai pas l'occasion de l'utiliser. I think I am breaking the forum rules now, so I will revert to English. I have corrected the fuel pressure, reverser and fuel flow during start issues and these fixes will be included in with the cargo version free upgrade, which is almost complete.
  8. Michael2

    DC8 Operations

    Domm, you are more than welcome to bring to my attention things that are not simulated correctly if you choose to do so. I am working right now to correct the items you have noted (aside from crossfeeding). I just don't want or need the sarcasm or personal remarks. But bear in mind that there are some systems or parts of systems that cannot be simulated due to limitations in FSX and also the amount of time I can reasonably put into the product. I have already gone way past the amount of work than could be justified from a purely commercial point of view. PMDG for the most part only simulates modern aircraft that appeal to a much bigger market. I would think at least ten times as big, maybe a lot more. They can afford to put many more hours into their products. A DC-8, no matter how well done, will never produce enough revenue to justify the labour that goes into a PMDG aircraft. I am sure their DC-6 is excellent, but it was essentially subsidized by their other products or made as an investment in learning to make content for X-Plane.
  9. Michael2

    DC8 Operations

    Flight with an inoperative engine is not a part of "normal operations" as AAC47 has stated above. The examples you give where crossfeeding is needed all involve failures (which will not happen in the simulation) with the one exception of running only a single engine for a significant time after starting. To avoid the need for subsequent crossfeeding -- don't do that. I have also already stated that in FSX there is a limit to how many controls can be animated. They can't all be simulated. I believe you know I have never made such a statement. I agreed with you that the reversers should not be animated when the engine doesn't run, that there should not be fuel pressure on empty tanks and that I should inhibit movement of the fuel fuel gauges during startup before the fuel is turned on and that I would correct these behaviours. So what exactly is your problem?
  10. Michael2

    Autopilot work with external FMC

    Thanks for letting me know -- I will take a look at the issue.
  11. Michael2

    DC8 Operations

    It's correct that crossfeeds are not simulated. The focus of the simulation is on normal operations -- failures are not simulated. You are unlikely to need the crossfeeds except in response to a failure. Secondly, in FSX, the VC has reached as many mouse click spots as can be added without causing graphics corruption. I could add crossfeeds in P3D v.4x, but not in FSX. Fuel transfers from the centre tanks and between alt and main tanks are simulated and thus the fuel fill valve switches are not "useless". A former DC-8 flight engineer participated in beta testing and pronounced the fuel panel "fully functional" except for crossfeeding. There should not of course be any fuel pressure for engine three in your screenshot and I thank you for pointing out the error. This will be corrected in the next release. You can pass information by PM or in the forum as you wish -- it makes no difference to me.
  12. Michael2

    DC8 Operations

    I agree that the reversers should not move when the engines are off. I overlooked this and will correct it when the cargo version is released. I'm happy to have the benefit of your experience if you wish to help improve the aircraft. I can show some pressure in the manifold even with the switches off after an engine start, but I need to know how much. You can send me a personal message if you wish.
  13. Michael2

    Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    I'll try again. I don't object to your pointing out defects. Criticism will in most cases help to improve the product. But I don't appreciate the way you do it. What purpose does it serve to antagonize me on a personal level? And for the record, I have never stated that this product is better or worse than any others. As the developer, I don't regard it as my role to make such comparisons. I can see the same alignment issue on your livery as my own. Because of the way the way the textures were mapped, there will always be a 1/2 pixel misalignment. You can't paint around it because a hard line cannot be shifted half a pixel in photoshop, at least to my knowledge. The texture mapping was done along time ago, before any liveries were painted and it is not practical to change it now.
  14. Michael2

    Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    So the worst paint kit you have ever seen was not entirely useless for your purposes after all. But I can't judge the alignment of your stripes from the screenshot. I have no problem with legitimate criticism of the product, but to be honest, I don't much care for the tone of some of your posts. It is possible to offer criticism in a more civil manner.
  15. Michael2

    Autopilot work with external FMC

    I'll take a look at this. Are you sure it doesn't work now in spite of the position of the heading bug? I remember at one point disconnecting the bug from the heading select variable when the autopilot is in turn mode. Turn mode uses heading select, but I didn't want to have the bug cycling around the compass rose when it's in use. Did you put the autopilot in heading select mode to use the external FMC? I would think you would need to do that.