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  1. Felix448

    Now we...

    ... just need the Jettrader version
  2. Felix448

    Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    Request didn´t fit the DC-8-50 passenger version, removed for this reason. *edit 22.04.*
  3. Felix448

    INS precision loss way too fast

    Hi Michael, I appreciate that you / Tom take a look at it. I think there´s some kind of oddity with it decreasing too fast and therefore also not recalibrating the way it should. Also even with accuracy rated at 9 it still flies the entered route without issues, so at least it´s not completely breaking the experience for the moment. I´ve been flying Concorde as well as a couple of other INS supported birds in the sim, so I got some experience with the system. If I can assist you with anything just let me know. Best Regards, Felix
  4. Hi, just a short question, might it be that the INS precision is decreasing too quickly? I´ve done a couple of flights now and am loosing precision from 0 to 8 in just about 10mins after departure. Also, the INS DME update with a nearby VOR station doesnt help improving it much, maybe reaching 7 at best.
  5. Felix448


    I was quite certain that the DC-8 will be a nice addition to the sim and I was right. I'm surprised of how good the jet feels overall, cockpit looks and sounds good as well. It looks like a very passionate / ambitious project. What I'd like to see though would be an external load manager which allows for precise loading instead of fixed pax / cargo values. Especially since the aircraft's performance should be more or less spot on compared with it's realworld counterpart. If possible actual modelling of the fuel crossfeed (system / levers) and the "lever quadrant" left of the FE's panel would be a very nice addition to complete the professional ambitions of the DC-8.