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  1. Thank you very much for these great repaints, Brian! And I agree with Steve; the UPS one is my favorite as well Greetings Tim
  2. Yes, I agree! I would also prefer the one in the background. Greetings Tim
  3. Hi Steve, the effect looks excellent! I'm really looking forward to the livery Greetings Tim
  4. Awesome work as usual, Steve! I'm really looking forward to them Greetings Tim
  5. I really hope @steve dra will update his superb American Eagle repaints to make them compatible with the CRJ Pro Greetings Tim
  6. That sounds very interesting. Just an idea, but I would grant buyers of the A330 or CRJ Pro a short free trial period of NavDataPro Charts. If people can experience this great feature first hand, I guess there is a much higher chance that they will eventually buy a subscription. Greetings Tim
  7. Hello Domm, here is a picture of how it looks on one of my repaints: As Michael says, you basically have to bridge the gap between the rudder and the vertical stabilizer. Greetings Tim
  8. Hello Michael, thanks a lot for the explanation! I would have preferred it if the FSX model would use the global environment map as well. But I understand that this is a design decision and mainly a matter of taste. Greetings Tim
  9. Hello Michael, thanks for your help! It looks better now but still not the way it should look. I made a gif that will show you what I mean. Both pictures are from FSX. The only difference is that I used the FSX exterior model for one picture and the P3Dv4 exterior model for the other picture: As you can see there is a significant difference between these models with regard to the amount of the reflectivity. It would be great if you could adapt the FSX model so that it looks the same as the P3Dv4 model looks in FSX. Thanks and Greetings Tim
  10. Hi Michael, first of all, thank you very much for the FSX version! While checking if my repaints are working fine with the FSX version, I noticed that the exterior model has almost no reflections. It looks as if the alpha channel is ignored by the exterior model. For a test I copied the exterior model of the P3Dv4 version into FSX and the reflections were back. Maybe you could take a look if there is an error in the FSX exterior model. Thanks a lot Greetings Tim
  11. There was indeed an issue with the installer. But it is all solved now Greetings Tim
  12. Thanks for your reply! Yes, I'm absolutely sure that I entered everything correctly. I tried it again with the P3Dv4 installer and it worked right away. I bought the DC-8 from Just Flight so maybe that could be the issue. I've contacted their support and hope that they can help me out. Greetings Tim
  13. Hi, first of all thank you very much for the FSX version of the DC-8! I just downloaded the installer but I always get the "wrong serial number/email" error message. It's the exact same serial number that worked well with the P3Dv4 installer. So I was wondering if there is maybe a problem with the FSX installer? Greetings Tim
  14. My 10th and final repaint for now Pan American World Airways Douglas DC-8 (N800PA) Greetings Tim
  15. Version 1.1.0


    Pan American World Airways Douglas DC-8 "N800PA", a Douglas DC-8-33, was delivered to Pan Am in 1961. After a short periode with Pan Am "N800PA" was sold to Pan Am's Brazilian affiliate Panair do Brasil. This is a repaint for the excellent Aerosoft Douglas DC-8. Installation instructions are included.
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