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  1. I was kind disappointed to hop into the A321 for the first time, look up, and see that the ACT fuel pushbutton was "INOP". I'm pretty sure some of the previews showed it, emphasizing the differences between the different models.
  2. I agree that the unrealistic flight dynamics really hurts the immersion. It was less obvious to me on the A319, given that they are somewhat "sportier" from my understanding.
  3. Agreed with it being annoying. It's cool that they move if I click on them...but if we go with the idea that I'm simulating being the captain / FO...those tables aren't going to move by themselves.
  4. Often, after landing and taxi'ing off the runway I'll do a replay to admire my flare and landing skills (or lack thereof sometimes). I'm usually still moving a few knots taxiing - I pause, do the replay a few times to watch from a few different angles, and then end the replay + un-pause, intending to taxi to the gate. On all of the 3 - 4 flights I've done so far on the 318 + 319, about a second after un-pausing, the aircraft immediately accelerates to ~100kts. The aircraft just suddenly starts moving that fast, the engines don't increase power or anything. Has anyone else had something like this happen? I'm assuming I'm probably not the only person who does replays of their landings, and I haven't managed to find any other posts referring to this, so I assume the steps to trigger are something more nuanced than "land + replay".
  5. I'm not sure which specific variants of the DC-8 they operated, but I'd be interested in seeing a Pan Am livery.
  6. I've had issues with the high differential pressure as well after updating to 1.0.6. I'm not sure if it's related or relevant, but I also noticed that I was unable to change the landing altitude setting at the beginning of the flight. Some time later on, after fiddling with the various ECS options, I seemed to be able to change it. I think I was able to change that in previous versions? Edit: Oh actually nvm, I see another topic that discusses the landing elevation specifically )
  7. It's controlled via the FMC keypad, the "MFD Menu" key I believe. "MFD Data" and "MFD Adv" also control things on the ND display.
  8. How often are flaps 8 used for takeoff vs flaps 20? Is the primary consideration runway length? Do you always use flaps 45 for landings? Or are lower flaps settings used at times?
  9. I also found the ground handling options frozen after using the turnaround state in 1.0.5c.
  10. imemyself


    Btw, I assume it's difficult for Aerosoft / other vendors to include HUD documentation because of copyright / avionics vendors not being cooperative? (I don't think I've seen any addon include manuals for the HUD, even with addons that include the FCOM type documentation from the manufacturer)
  11. imemyself


    Smartcockpit has a PDF under the CRJ700/900 section that's fairly close. Though based on a previous thread I don't think the HUD is fully implemented in the Aerosoft CRJ (yet?).
  12. It is simulated...I have seen it. There have been some flights where it hasn't showed up for me though...not sure if it's me not quite configuring VNAV right or maybe there are some kinks to work out.
  13. FWIW, this has not really been the case for me. I've not been able to set a single thrust rating and keep it throughout cruise...eventually the speed will decay, or creep towards the red line. It's seemed considerably harder to keep a consistent speed in cruise with the CRJ than the Q400 for me. I assume just because the CRJ has a lot more power. I don't think this is a huge deal....but a "virtual co-pilot" for managing thrust would be a cool feature for the longer flights. Sitting at 1x for a couple hours in cruise isn't super thrilling for me.
  14. Oh, I thought someone had asked this already, but looking through the thread I guess my memory was wrong. Are bleeds / packs off takeoffs performed often? If so...what does that process actually look like (do you turn the bleed dial thing to closed....or just turn the packs off, or something else?) In that case would you use the APU to supply bleed air for the packs during the takeoff in that case?
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