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  1. Thanks so much Tim... Made my day.. I like it due to patriotic reasons.. My parents flew in it ... Plus it has some turbulent history... You are a good man.
  2. Dear Repainters, Thanks for all the lovely repaints, please do consider the Cyprus Airways DC-8: I provide you some more links: Thanks ever so much....
  3. This is the famous Cyprus Airways plane that was hijacked in 1978 N99862 There are better pictures at but I can’t post them here due to copyright issues...
  4. Livery request : Cyprus Airways.N99862 Photo no. 1460191 at Much Appreciated
  5. Well I hope your descendants are still doing FS add ons in 20001. Even though I predict that by then we will all fly telepathically....
  6. May I suggest a Power truck to be made available from within the Payload Box that would be started and Air and Power turned on. This would include a Power truck / Cart visible on the ground and would disappear when it is turned off after engines start. Much more realistic than using the default key combinations for providing air and power.
  7. Very Impressive overall. Lots to do and lots to learn. This is an aircraft with a lot of character and unique piloting. I want to thank Aerosoft for publishing this and I want to say that it is great value for money at a time when for the similar money one can alternatively buy just a set of liveries.
  8. Debowing

    Anti Skid

    I know I risk being told to RTFM, just wanted to ask where is the anti skid switch? I couldn’t find it anywhere.
  9. Yes that’s right but I should have set these before departure I believe.
  10. Thanks the pressurization alarm sound has been silenced by this circular button and I have re-positioned the manifold switches to LOW.
  11. I am en route cruising at FL 320, I get a warniing sound, I am not sure what it may be, perhaps the pressurization? There is no visual warning light just the non stop sound.
  12. Thanks I got the power now, by using the water rudder assignment, will do the external air now... George
  13. As per the tutorial, I try to assign a key to connect external power but there is none. Switching on the external Power while the parking brake is engaged does not provide power and air to the aircraft. How does the power and air become available? I may of course be doing something wrong, please enlighten me.
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