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  1. Hi, I have installed,updated and reinstalled,updated the A320 Professional.Both times I get the message,before loading the aircraft in the sim: ASC_PF_OnAuto.wav is missing. Then the aircraft loads as normal. What can I do about this?
  2. Hello, Lately I am having this weird pressurisation issue.It all started when I landed at La Paz,Bolivia which is at 13000 feet agl.The pressurisation system would not follow.Since then,the system is behaving weirdly.Taking off from Lima,Peru at sea level,I set the pressure altitude to 7000 feet for a flight at FL200. The system went above 10000 feet.I had to reload the plane to get the system to work normally again.This is the second time,I have to do this.A reset corrects the pressure issues.I am running P3D v4.5 on Windows 10 64K.The pneumatic switches and compressors are all set as they should be. Would anyone have any ideas what is happening here?
  3. Yes,indeed,the problem lies in Active Sky.I subsequently modified the parameters and never got this sort of conditions again.Thank you so much for taking an interest,sorry I just now found your post.
  4. Hello.I am somewhat concerned about a recent flight with the DC-8 that ended in a crash.The flight was from Denpasar,Bali to Brunei airport,Brunei.The plane was loaded to the max and sufficient fuel was taken in.The outside temp was 31 degrees Celsius.Now,I know that these are not beginner conditions,but then again, I am not a beginning pilot. After take-off we got into a massive storm front,no way to fly around it.I initially managed a climb into the low 30's (FL 340),but I was unable to hold it,of course,so I gradually lowered the altitude.As I was flying in a storm,I had all my anti-ice equipment working.As long as I was descending,the speeds were acceptable.But at each lower altitude that I leveled out,I was unable to hold her there.I used the tables (Maximum continuous thrust vs RAT temperature) to try and keep level.Eventually,I got below 10000 feet, which is below the local MDA,but she kept descending.Eventually she crashed.I have to say that I always use Active Sky P3Dv4 and there probably lies the problem.But should a realistic flight model,like the Aerosoft DC8 has,not be able to take some punishment? I really like this plane.And I am very choosy about my software planes.I only trust PMDG,A2A,Milviz,FSlabs,Leonardo Software,Majestic and Aerosoft.Could any of you experienced simpilots give your opinion on this,please?
  5. Hey,would anyone know when the alternate fill valves are actually used in this airplane?
  6. Hey,would anyone know when the alternate fill valves are actually used in this airplane?
  7. Unfortunately not.I save my flight at the parking spot and restart from there,always.
  8. Thank you Michael! Once again,thank you for all the amazing work you continue to do on this unique simulation.You are a great support to all of us oldtimer lovers.
  9. On the flight compartment checklist there is the item:"Ground spoiler switch NORMAL." Try as I may,I cannot find this switch in the cockpit.Could anyone point it out for me please?
  10. I have the shaking issue also.I am running P3D v4.5 and that is also the version that has the hydraulic problems.Maybe this is a P3D problem,after all. I am running the dc8 on windows 10,along with ASN and GTX world scenery and vector.
  11. The problem where the hydraulic system fails and you can only reset it by assigning a key to eliminate all hydraulic failures.Look in this forum,it is there.I am not the one who saw it first.But I am also experiencing it.
  12. A while ago some people mentioned some problems with the hydraulic system.I recently reinstalled the dc8 latest version and I still seem to have that same problem.I get around it by assigning a key to eliminate the hydraulic system failures and so, I can fly the bird without to much problems.Is this problem worked on though?
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