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    That is very interesting.I did try the normal procedure with bleed air from the other engines(bleed air valve open,pneumatics from the other engines on high) but it did not work.I will try to recreate this in one of my future flights.Thanks for the update Mace!
  2. theophile


    Hi, I accidentally shut down an engine inflight.I tried to restart it,but to no avail.Does anyone know what the procedure is to restart an engine inflight?And has anyone been able to do so in this simulation aircraft?I landed the aircraft without any problems on 3 engines but next time I would really like to be able to restart the engine.So,if anyone has any knowledge about doing so in this Aerosoft DC-8,please let me know. Thank you.
  3. Hey guys,great news:you can get the ADF ident by putting the ADF switch on the pedestal to BOTH
  4. Hi, I really love this airplane and am amazed what Aerosoft managed to create .I went through the manual but there are a few things I cannot find:First,how do you ident the ADF signal? I can ident NAV1 and NAV2 but not the ADF.Secondly,according to the checklist there is a ground spoiler SWITCH.I looked all over but cannot find it.Last,the checklist talks about "preferential circuit test". Anyone any ideas what this refers to?Thank you for any answers here!
  5. Having exactly the same problem.One just cannot do this test.Something is wrong here Aerosoft.
  6. Oh that is an interesting touch,Michael!Thank you for clarifying.
  7. Great news on the cargo version!And ,Cyberstudio,you cannot go wrong with this DC8.I have been a simmer for 30 years and have had all great products on the market.So I know when I get a great product.And this is definitely one.
  8. Ok.Thanks.There is indeed some rotation visible,which would be correct.One other thing.On the cold and dark setup (button on the load manager),I keep consistently seeing the airplane with about 10 degree flaps down.Maybe this is just on my setup.
  9. Do not want to be fussy,but another detail is that on startup,with full outside air connected ,and before the opening of the fuel valves,the RPM does not go higher than 7%.I think it should be around 17-20%.
  10. One very minor issue for a next update:when you put the DC8 in a cold and dark state(using the button on the fuel and payload loader),the nav light remains in the ON position.
  11. theophile


    Again thanks,Michael for your dedication.I realise that people like me keep you working,even during the weekend.I feel somewhat guilty for that.Please take a rest now and enjoy your weekend.
  12. theophile


    Just wanted to share that I have now completely reinstalled my P3Dv4.2 after having thoroughly deleted all files (even in the register) and reinstalled.Now my DC8 is perfect BUT the NAV sound issue persists. The only way to avoid it for me now is to first load the tutorial flight and then proceed from there on.I was wondering:am I the only one to have this issue? Except for that,she is a real sweet airplane to fly.She even flies by the numbers.When I use the cruise tables and set the EPR accordingly,the mach speed is right on.Thanks guys for a great work of art!
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