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  1. For mathijs kok

    You have written

    "I am closing this topic. If Domm does not fully understands the limited scope of this product and compares it to aircraft double or even three times the price there is no discussion possible and we can only advise him not to buy our products." 

    You're right, I would not buy them anymore

    Do not forget that I am still your customert, with the sceneries and aircraft that I bought at your store.
    Also the way to conclude a topic, is not a good way

    And I do not think about buying your products anymore

    It is better to buy something finished, with a justified price, rather than buy expensive one whose development is not finished.

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 is OK  49,99€

    the 737-PMDG= 70 €

    the DC8 aerosoft= 40,29 €    <>    the QualityWings 146= 20,88



  2. domm

    Cold and Dark ??

    Hello, OK I understood, what can do for FSX, .................PMDG, QualityWings, MajesticSoftware, Aerosoft can not. Aerosoft should not want to play in the big leagues like those mentioned above. Only 3 important things that would be needed to use this DC8: 1° the PA in spot.....2° fuel transfer....3°Defueling The rest is gadget ..... but if it's to have the DC8 like the 737 Microsoft ... then OK But two important remarks. -No sell and add addons for FSX since FSX customers are second-class customers -Make a plane that works like a Microsoft base plane, has no interest in the simulation. So that confirms to no longer buy Aerosoft aircraft.
  3. Ok, I know the paint kit is very bad, and you have to do some tests to get something good. Good luck
  4. Nice job, but what do you mean by "when I'm happy with all the fuse changes" ??
  5. domm


    Hello, You right. Exactly, I just tried, no restart in flight. But OK as the 737 Microsoft..Ctrl + E and it's OK (not very realistic) LOL !!
  6. domm

    Cold and Dark ??

    To show evidence, it's difficult, I can only rely on my memory, for the moment. but I think you are wrong, and if you have evidence on your side, you can provide it to me. I flew on DC8 as a pilot in the French Air Force and then at UTA, I must have about 8000 hours on this plane, in version 50/60 and 70. I made a request for documentation to old friends of the maintenance, and the friendly UTA. For the moment no answer. The technical documentations no longer exist, in my environment. On the other hand I tried this plane Aerosoft to have fun, because otherwise I use FSX to give courses of navigation to young people, and the DC8 is not any more current, for the nav .. So I found a lot of mistakes that do not matter if you want to compare it to Microsoft's planes. But for some errors my memory is still good. I saw the post on the restart in flight. OK, it should then also think of a Fuel Dumping that existed on DC8, because in case of QRF the flight DC8 did not support a landing full load. The real DC8 flew very well on this one there is too much pitching. There are lots of unimportant mistakes, for example in fuel management. The adjustment bug "fuel tank automatic shutoff manage the shutoff valve, it does not work. The fuel manifold ramp should be pressurized to fill any tank. It's a shame because the DC8 had one of the most sophisticated fuel management system. You could power any engine with any tank. And this is not simulated. On DC8, I happened to finish the flight on 3 engines long distance over the Pacific. try on this DC8 AS to use all the fuel from the tank in direct relation with the engine failed. For the cargo door if I have good memory it is the AUX 115/400 pump I'm looking for information on the opening of the cargo door, one thing I'm sure of is that the plane still had an electric GPU connected to the ground and that on this plane nothing worked without the electric power. Cold & Dark: Landing lights come out of the wings ?? Gong No Smoking & Fasten your seatbelt ?? Altitude alert warning and light? *************************** Sorry for my bad English, I speak it better than I write it For technical information, as soon as I have the answers I will communicate them to you. An idea to improve this DC8 >>> make an autopilot panel in pop-up
  7. domm


    Inflight start....official checklist procedure Fire Shutoff lever NORMAL Not modeled on this DC8 trust Lever CLOSED Fuel Shutoff Lever FUEL OFF Engine HYD Pump (2 or 3) BYPASS Airspeed IN RANGE Eng RPM (min 14% N2 & 9% N1= CHECKED (Windmilling) Oil Pressure INDICATION Main Tank Boost pump BOOST & FEED Ignition Override ALL ENGINES Ignitor (DC8 62&63= BOTH Fuel Shutoff Lever FUEL ON All normal starting callouts apply Engine STABILIZED Ignition Override OFF Electrical Power SET Low Pressure Pneumatic Switch LOW or OFF Engine HYD Pump ON Observe 2 minute warm-up Here is the procedure for a restart in flight of the DC8 Aerosoft...No problem, I tried it Pneumatic pressure OK Make a star like on the ground LOL!
  8. Mathijs Kok Hello, Apart from the question about AES, did I tell you that I found it odd that the main cargo door would open without electric power? Like many other things that should not work in Cold and dark condition
  9. Hello, OPabst answered my question about the DC8's cargo doors, but a little too fast, and in my opinion, in an inappropriate way towards a customer. **************************** Also here is my question but this time only for the rear cargo door Thanks for the reply about the DC8 Cargo. Also you did not look well the image of the right side of the aircraft Why there is a pallet loader on the rear cargo door instead of a belt loader AES or Aircraft config ?? thank you
  10. domm

    DC8 and AES !

    Thank you for this suggestion but that I know AES is manufactured by AES and DC8 also So why did not you transfer yourself? I think it's a problem with Aircraft config, not AES Something else But this has nothing to do with AES. " As I think about the real DC8F, it's impossible to open the main cargo door without the electric GPU (Aux Hyd pump) On the DC8 Aerosoft..yes ??" It's like landing light coming out of the wings, the sound of the fasten your seat belts, and no smoking that sound, and all that under cold and dark condition. No electric power, ??
  11. Here is a copy of the problem I posted on the DC8 Aerosoft Support ... Can you give me a solution. Aircraft config or AES problem ?? Hello AES aerosoft with the DC8 Aerosoft, a loader on the rear cargo door???? while on the DC8F cargo it is not possible to put on the main cargo door.
  12. domm

    DC8 and AES !

    Hello AES aerosoft with the DC8 Aerosoft, a loader on the rear cargo door, while on the DC8F cargo it is not possible to put on the main cargo door. As I think about the real DC8F, it's impossible to open the main cargo door without the electric GPU (Aux Hyd pump) On the DC8 Aerosoft..yes ??
  13. No it's the airport of FMEE Roland-Garros La Réunion FSDG REUNION FSX P3D
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