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  1. For mathijs kok

    You have written

    "I am closing this topic. If Domm does not fully understands the limited scope of this product and compares it to aircraft double or even three times the price there is no discussion possible and we can only advise him not to buy our products." 

    You're right, I would not buy them anymore

    Do not forget that I am still your customert, with the sceneries and aircraft that I bought at your store.
    Also the way to conclude a topic, is not a good way

    And I do not think about buying your products anymore

    It is better to buy something finished, with a justified price, rather than buy expensive one whose development is not finished.

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 is OK  49,99€

    the 737-PMDG= 70 €

    the DC8 aerosoft= 40,29 €    <>    the QualityWings 146= 20,88



  2. Ok, I know the paint kit is very bad, and you have to do some tests to get something good. Good luck
  3. Nice job, but what do you mean by "when I'm happy with all the fuse changes" ??
  4. "I can see the same alignment issue on your livery as my own. Because" ??? Yes because I kept the blue texture around windows, from DELTA textures, and I just lined up the green tape with a little cheating. The longest for me was to make the UTA inclined to Left for the tail
  5. now me too I agree, on the other hand when it is a payware that wants to compare to others, we do not give a quality inferior to a freeware. now me too I don't much care for the tone of some of your posts. among other things English is not my language, even if I speak it, better than I write it now if you only have to say that everything is good and for that, do not count on me. If it's good I say, if there are defects, I say it too, even if it does not please. sorry.
  6. For information. Here is a DC-8 UTA colors made by me in 3:30 without misalignments Starting from the DELTA texture.
  7. If you think this is not a significant issue, then there is nothing more to say. I made a lot of textures that are available on AVSIM and/or FlightSim, and you do not teach me anything about painting (texture creation), but I never dared to give texture with such flaws. And it's up to you, and not me to make a real effort to see the problem: Go see on PMDG an example of a paint kit, and how it looks, it's free.
  8. Hellon Can we hope for a paint kit without misalignment and without paint; Whoever is available, has lots of misalignments I used to make textures, which are downloadable on AVSIM or FlightSim.com, and i have never seen a paint kit as bad. The same, default, and at the same place on all DC-8. Impossible to make a master fuselage , as for example this one of PMDG... See the pictures available for this DC-8
  9. HI all, Thank « Autopiloth » That it , After deinstall and reinstall and new activate, it’s OK right now By and thank for All Best Regards
  10. No sir the product is activated have look If it is shown in GREEN, the SOFTWARE PRODUCTS are active. A new activation is not necessary. Sorry I do not write very well English, but it seems to me it’s sad that the Aerosoft support cannot fix my problem; I am not sure that I buy another Aerosoft product. Do you understand what I want to say?
  11. thank Mathijs But, I would like to know just one day, if somebody have one correct AFCAD for this scenery, and where is it?. And it is possible to make me a copy of this mysterious AFCAD One more question I have in Anchorage-Airport\scenery folder: AF2_PANC.bgl.blob AF2_LHD.bgl.blob AF2_PALH.bgl.blob AF2_Z41.bgl.blob What is this ".blob" ??
  12. Hello all, Thank you for your answers. I have removed the AF2_PANC.bgl AFCAD in addon scenery\scenery, but I have always the same problem. I do not have any traffic add-on, just my personal traffic which does not cause any problem on the other airports. Here some screen shot N°1 :AFCAD the stock only N°2 :6R/24L and 6L/24R N°3 : 7L is 6L for FS ATC ? N°4 are wrong taxi helper N°5: Gate 22 FS9 default is gate 6 for the scenery Best regards
  13. Hi all AFCAD for PANC Anchorage still have problems? Parking, runway, taxiways are the default FS9? My scenery was activated via Aerosoft launcher best regards
  14. Nothing to add?for this spyware... You bought this scenery…then you are screwed up That it Have good days
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