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  1. Dear Aerosoft team,,,, There are no words to express how amzing you do your job on creating scenreis for a platform like Flight Simulator... What i would like to ask you is if there a possibility that Larnaca will be available also for FS9 and do you have any future plans to create the airports of Dusseldorf and Stuttgart??? Once again please take note that you are one of the best and i hope to continue your production in the future so that our favorite sim will be as real as it gets.... Thank you in advance Petros
  2. Can anyone please tell me where to download paintkits for the ATR Eurowings??? In Psd if it is possible.Thank you
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    Dear aerosoft team, Is a priviledge for me to be a part of one of the most succesfull companies for Flight Simulator on scenery creation and aircrafts Yesterday i bought the ATR Eurowings and dowloaded the Isdt ATR 42 and 72 variation I have merged the panel of Eurowings ATR into ISDT with the latest update and the latest Fsuipc but there is a problem which i can't understand why it happens As soon as i load the ATR42 model after 5 to 10 minutes the electrical are gone and as a result no autopilot working,no coms or navigation as well lights Tryed to reinstall everything from the beggining and the same still happens I do not know the reason and i would like the opoinion of an expert so that can help resolve this issue Thank you in advance and best regards from Athens/Greece
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