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  1. Anywhere but the correct forum as well. And still no profile. Got the level of support he/she/it deserves.
  2. As well as remind you this forum is only a supremely useful resource if you use it properly...
  3. Check your Cessna in the saved flight: Either the battery is off or the generator. To create a consistent start for the Katana 4X do the following: 1: Create a new flight from a default airport with the default Cessna. Do NOT allow FSX to launch direct to this flight, but instead choose submit from the menu options to actually launch the sim once you've made the selections 2: When the sim is launched and stabilised with the Cessna on the runway, switch to the Katana. 3: Move the Katana to your departure airport of choice, then make your selections from the Katana menu as to how you want it to start (cold'n'dark, long time parked, engine running, ready to fly etc etc) 4: Save this as the default flight for this aircraft. AI aircraft that have missing parts are usually not DX10 compatible. Either turn off DX 10 or choose replacement AI that are compatible. .
  4. I suspect you are talking about the previous version of the Katana, NOT the Katana 4X version under discussion here. A screenshot from the VC will soon tell us. The 1.4 update has no relevance to the older model.
  5. Snave


    Ferrets about, writes note on back of hand:- `MONDAY`
  6. Sounds like a classic case of anti-virus or UAC persistence.
  7. Snave


    Spread the load. Spread the luuuuuurve...
  8. http://hobbyport.ru/avia/pby_1_catalina.htm http://www.rc-wasserflug.at.tf/
  9. Technically, it's `Bronco` with a capital `B`... Bronco's usually share their homes with rodents. In this case obviously, four...
  10. I'm not staff but the place to start is the Product Page http://en.shop.aeros...anguage=english It's got screenshots and the official video plus the full features list plus the free-to-download manual, as well as a link to the forums.
  11. It's on the HSI. Are you using an ILS actually equipped with a glideslope?
  12. Rebuild the shader cache: Change the line SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED=1693458432 to SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED=169345 (the actual numbers do not matter) then reboot the sim.
  13. Can't see images either, but show contents of FSX .cfg
  14. Which sim? System specs? In-game settings? If you want guesses, I'd say your quadroflange is out of sub-synch with the Keppling configuration and you need to loosen the scrotal foundation by .001 or possibly .002 depending on the leverage ratio. Based on what you've told us so far, that would be my guess.
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