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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. Finally pulled the plug on the DCS AV-8B in the last Christmas Sale... Yet another plane to learn how to fly. 😉
  2. A heavily loaded 747 with a remarkable red nose but no registration caught departing a clandestine high latitude airport for destinations unknown...
  3. I've been looking into this myself for a while. Although I've never gone further (so far) than the looking into it part... While it will most likely be technically possible with the Arduino nano, it will be a lot easier with the Arduino Leonardo or Micro, as those have a built-in USB-controller if I'm not mistaken. As I said, I haven't actually tried it yet. But you may want to give this instructable a shot (if you have the right Arduino): Arduino as Game Controller / Joystick
  4. Using a secondary joystick with twist rudder next to the yoke might be a good way to try. Just remove all other axis assignments from the joystick. The one thing that may happen is that you quickly wish for 3 hands. 😉
  5. Thanks for the info. Let's hope we'll see it sooner rather than later.
  6. Would love to see a remake of Iceland X and Keflavik for P3D4.
  7. 29Palms has indeed stated that they're working on a version 2, to include real life changes on the airport.
  8. This most definitely isn't the kind of quality and service that we're used to, and expecting, from Aerosoft. I hope we'll see some progress on the reported issues soon.
  9. Any news on this? Would like to see some fixes for the reported problems.
  10. Hello, A couple of days ago, I unexpectedly got a notification for my ISP that I was running up to my bandwidth limit. (Yes, we still have those in Belgium, unless you opt for a ridiculously expensive plan.) I've done some downloads this month, but nothing spectacular, certainly not something to blow through my limit. Today, halfway through a flight, I got the notice that I've used 100%, and would be on limited speed until the reset. As I've downloaded or streamed NOTHING in the mean time, I really wanted to find out what happened to my bandwidth. Turns out, it's PFPX. I usually leave it open during my flight, something I'm now very much regretting. According to the built-in monitoring tool in Windows 10, PFPX has used almost 76GB in the last 30 days!! What the hell? What for? Why? Why now? Now I know PFPX uses the internet to check for updates, and download weather and tracks. But that doesn't justify this gigantic usage. For contrast, Active Sky has used 550MB in the same period. For reference: I'm using Windows 10 (fully updated) PFPX is version 1.28.9i I expect the problem to be related to that hotfix, as I only downloaded that about a month ago. Looking back at my internet usage history, that would be about the time the problem began. I ran 2 virus/malware scans a couple of days ago (Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Free). Both came back clean.
  11. Nice to see the Dimona again! Nice little aircraft that I never flew as much as it deserved...
  12. Looking forward to seeing this project proceeding in the right direction... Brussels is sorely missed in P3D right now. I keep my fingers crossed that development goes smoothly once it is resumed in full. Thanks for the open and honest communication Mathijs.
  13. Thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to the screens!
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