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  1. Would it be possible to provide the option for simple installer downloads? While I don't fear Aerosoft going under, I still prefer to keep a local backup of all my installers. Being able to simply download them in one place, the same place you go for installation, would be nice.
  2. Version 1.0


    Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls and Bravo Throttle Quadrant profiles for the A2A Simulations V35B Bonanza Full assignments and details can be found in the included readme. Updated for full compatibility with Honeycomb Configurator v2.1. Tested in both Prepar3D v5.2 and Prepar3D v4.5.
  3. I can't answer the first part. But as for the second part, this is already the case. If you want the largest chunk of what you pay to go to the developer, buy direct. Every link in the chain has to be paid of course, and webshops need web developers, servers, bandwidth, support staff etc... And preferably some profit as well. An often quoted rate for the commission webshops demand/receive is 30% (SimMarket, Steam,...) Of course, many developers are fine with this: it increases exposure and hopefully sales. (70% of something is better than 100% of nothing) And if they go through a 3rd party exclusively, it saves them setting up a webshop, file hosting, payment processing, etc (all with the associated costs, responsibilities and liabilities) for themselves. For consumers, it's a balancing act between trust (will I still have access to my downloads in a couple of years?), the convenience (and risk) of having everything in one place, and supporting their favourite developers directly... I tend to be very inconsistent in this regard myself, sometimes buying direct, sometimes not... Sorry for the off-topic post 😉
  4. Thanks for the info. Let's hope we'll see it sooner rather than later.
  5. Would love to see a remake of Iceland X and Keflavik for P3D4.
  6. Looking forward to seeing this project proceeding in the right direction... Brussels is sorely missed in P3D right now. I keep my fingers crossed that development goes smoothly once it is resumed in full. Thanks for the open and honest communication Mathijs.
  7. I hope development is still going strong... Trying hard to be patient in waiting for this product!
  8. I'm going to refrain from scenery requests. But there are 2 other ideas I want to put forward: 1) A high-end transport helicopter for FSX/P3D, emphasis on flight dynamics, fully simulated systems and working autopilot. Personal favourites: Airbus Helicopters Dauphin or Puma... 2) The same thing DarrianCZE posted: an Airport Tycoon game. Design your airport (or manage/improve an existing one), make it run, make it profitable, build new runways, taxiways, terminals... Thanks,
  9. It being done internally by Aerosoft is, in my mind, a guarantee for quality and ease-of-use. So while it's too bad the original developer didn't manage to get it out, I'm happy to hear Aerosoft has taken over... I'm eagerly looking forward to the new Brussels for FSX/P3D. In the mean time, I'll just keep using the current MA Brussels X.
  10. Aaron, I really like these small, quick looks in the 'real' work in progress... Looking forward to the finished product! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!
  11. Wow! You made my day Mathijs!! This just jumped to the very top of my 'most-excited-about'-list... Ahead of some very exciting products also in the pipeline somewhere...
  12. Here's my entry for the month: A crazy (suicidal?) US Army Huey pilot checking out the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii. Addons used: Aerosoft Huey X, AS 2012, REX2
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