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  1. So it's a glider... Is it the Schweizer SGP 1-1 (the first Schweizer Glider they made)?
  2. Hehe, ANYTHING about the picture? It's in black and white.
  3. Haha, VERY nice! Yeah, our speed actually got upgraded with a price reduction a few months ago and most downloads have now been screaming fast! I just love fast internet... Cheers, James
  4. Hehe, I pay too much for internet...
  5. I think you also get Mallorca (great for those aircraft) and Menorca (Also good for them), so it would be a great package for you to buy if you're interested in flying to that area! Cheers, James
  6. I see that in the new AES (2.07) there are new models for the large aircraft cargo loaders. I was just wondering, can we expect new models for the other vehicles in the near future? Thanks, James
  7. If I'm reading the post on the homepage correctly (which I could most certainly NOT be doing), then Trondheim is on a discount simply because of the fly-in into Trondheim hosted by the Scandinavian Vacc for VATSIM, NOT because it is not selling well. Cheers, James
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