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  1. Finally I could solved the problem. It was related to the fact I have three monitors and some options (fuel and cleaning) were shifted from the screen. I found the solution in http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/53441-screen-fps-lag-with-tripple-monitor/ Anyway, thank you very much for your help Tomás
  2. No, it isn't that. I try both things (UAC already disabled before your suggestion) and disabling the antivirus. I also tried disabling everything that could affect to fsx and the Diamond Katana (trackir, fsuipc, ect) but the behavior is the same. :-(
  3. Good night, Recently I have purchased your product the airplane Diamond Katana 4x. I could install it without any problem. The plane is awesome and everything is okey except when I try to select the following options in the main menu/preflight: Fuel Station and Cleaning. Both options don`t work. As soon as I click in any of them, the mouse cursor indicates that the computer is loading something (clock). The FPS decrease hugely and I have to reinitiate the FSX again. My operating system is Windows 7 professional. Could anyone help me to solve this issue? Thanks in advance
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