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  1. i use fs9.when i say about the lights i mean that the lights that are positioned at the starting point of the fuselage (upper point where the wing starts just over the passengers windows in the middle of the fuselage) cant light on.taxi lights and landing lights are positioned the one next to the other on the wings middle point.real bae has lights on the starting position of the wing and at the middle of the wing.as for the strobes i meant that they flash some times fast sometimes slow.
  2. i have found tha the position of landing lights and taxi lights in the Eurowings bae are wrong.also the strobe are flashing in a strange way.some times fast sometimes slow.not like reality.the front wheel when on maximun turn , turns a little bit.Any suggestions?
  3. Hello to everybody !!!I am new in this forum so my question might have allready been answered.I want to know if there are any repaints for vehicles in AES.Thank you!!!
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