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  1. Hi Winfried, This has all been taken care of by Mathis and Nicole. My loyalty to Aerosoft remains strong.
  2. Yes, I got a response from their sales department via separate emails (I never got one here via this forum) and resolved it but not easily. I also never got a response from support@aerosoft.com other than the standard email acknowledging my original email to support.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Herman. I just sent them an email and hopefully they will correct the problem.
  4. I have many, many Aerosoft Products, Almost all USCITIESX, 10+ Sceneries, numerous airplanes, numerous Mega Airports and have been a loyal customer of Aerosoft for many years. I have ordered from Aerosoft in Germany and the USA office. I had a problem with an order that I placed yesterday on Aerosoft.com which I will not get into detail here about since it involves serial numbers etc. for a Aerosoft product. I made a very dumb mistake in the order and am trying to get it straightend out. I sent an detailed email to info@aerosoft.com describing the order number and problem and asked how to fix it. This morning I got a very short, terse response (I will not name the person here who sent me the email) basically saying "tough", we have your money. It is very obvious the person who responded to me did not even read my email and did not understand the problem of my own making. I would appreciate an email address of someone at Aerosoft that I could get to read and understand my email. I have sent the email to info@aerosoft.com and sales@aerosoft.com
  5. I just installed my older copy of the Aerosoft DA-20 Katana X and applied the SP2 update. Now when I load the aircraft, I can briefly see out of the cockpit but within a second or two it is as if a blanket was thrown over the cockpit and I can't see out at all. Is my copy of the DA-20 too old? I keep seeing references to the 1.4 update on this forum but my Aerosoft account shows the latest update as being SP2. Confused!
  6. Thanks Shaun, it worked perfectly.
  7. Hi Kyle, Thanks for the response, I was pretty sure that would be the case but I like keeping things legal so I am glad to get your opinion also. I'll remove the old version via control panel or Aerosoft Launcher today and install the new one. Thanks again, John
  8. I have used Manhattan X for FSX for several years and had version 1.10, 1.20 installed in FSX. I have installed a new motherboard, CPU, memory etc. and have installed P3D with no FSX. I installed my original Manhattan X 1.10 and 1.20 into the new P3D with no difficulty. Hopefully I am not violating any license agreements since I am no longer using FSX. I see on my Aerosoft accounts page there is a version Manhattan X 1.30 for P3D. I am not sure if I should uninstall the old version via control panel and then should install 1.30 in P3D using my original registration ID or if I have to buy a new copy for P3D. Since the update is shown in my accounts on the Aerosoft web site I assume it is a free update? I am not sure how I should proceed.
  9. Thanks Mathjis. Clearing the cache fixed the problem. Strange stuff. Thanks again.
  10. Whenever I try to log into my Aerosoft account for updates etc. using Firefox I get the display shown on the attached screen shot. Note how the login prompt on the left side of the screen is covered up in the display and I cannot get to the log in boxes. In Internet Explorer it works fine. Having trouble figuring this one out. Edit: I see my screenshot got somewhat distorted when I uploaded it to the forum. You can't see the whole screen but the covered login screen is still visible on the extreme left side of the screenshot.
  11. Not sure I would say "faster", maybe 2-3 FPS gain. Others claim a lot more but I cant say that mine went up that much more and I have a pretty hefty system. Probably the best thing about P3D is that it is ongoing development and they are trying to cut down the load on the CPU and move a lot of it to the GPU which is a great thing. They say that they will support DX11 when 2.0 of P3D comes out which there is no time line on that. I will say that I think the display is "smoother" and a lot of others agree on that. The recent 1.3 update to P3D has drawn some criticisim from others saying it "stutters" a lot. I have not personally observed that in 1.3. I like the user interface with P3D much more than FSX but that is just my opinion, others don't like it.
  12. Yes, it works fine. Here is a copy of 2 emails from George at FlyTampa. that he sent me to get it working. You will need to email him and ask him to send you the two files to make it work properly. When I just copied the FSX Boston folder over to P3D I got a lot of large black boxes on the screen. The files from George fix that problem. I don't want to attach the files here without Georges permission. He is very responsive and helpful. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You don't need a new version & its legal to use your exciting FSX copy again with P3D. You'll just have to manually add Boston the the P3D scenery database. We have a little guide to adding scenery to the database here.. Its for FSX but the prcedure & names in P3D will be similar. http://www.flytampa.org/support.html#support2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I you have got as far as running Boston on P3D & are just getting the purple boxes, try copying the attached file to your main P3D texture folder. It should take care of the boxes. Secondary you'll need the attached bgl to fix the elevation. copy AFX_KBOS_flytampa_dummy.bgl to the P3D equivalent of FSXlocation\Scenery\World\Scenery We will be writing P3D installers in the future now they have released the cheap version Its worth you requesting them through support@flytampa.com. Later of course, because my colleague hasn't completed the work yet. Let me know if theres still problems.
  13. Hi Shaun I corresponded with George at FlyTampa and he got me going on it. Thanks John
  14. I have FlyTampa Boston V 3.1 for FSX on CD, that I purchased from Aerosoft and have the 3.2 update applied. I am planning to move to Prepar3D. Do I need to purchase a new version of Boston for for that? Do I use the original CD I have? Will it install to my Prepar3D folder (C:\Prepar3D)? I want to keep everything legal.
  15. Absolutely the worst manual i have ever seen. I have been heavily involved in computer programming, documentation writing etc. for well over 35 years. I have seen few worse than this for documentation. The TML forum is a joke.
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