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  1. I would rather have the virtual co pilot tell me sir the speed is dropping rather than the coughing he is doing now.
  2. Check out wtzl_airport_weeze_v1.1.zip and wtzl_edlv_fix.zip on Avsim, I am sure you will be satisfied with the v4 freeware offering for Weeze.
  3. Have you had a chance to take a look at it?
  4. The real Narvik ENNK was closed on 1. April, so it has been removed from the airac. You will need to use an old AIRAC or add it as a custom airport.
  5. I am running the latest hotfix. But the issue has been there since the first release.
  6. I can't change the active HUD mode. Pushing the mode change button does nothing. The standby mode changes just fine. So the HUD mode is stuck at PRI. The glide slope angle isn't working either. When you select it, it won't accept any inputs from the numberkeys.
  7. Here is my log file attached. Marten, it is sold as a XP10 compatible scenery. Log.txt
  8. When using the Aerosoft copy of ENBR I get the default scenery showing through the custom scenery. I have tried removing all other sceneries in the custom scenery folder except the ENBR airport and mesh folders. And it still shows, that's why I believe it's the default scenery and not any custom scenery I forgot to remove. I am using X-Plane 10. You can see the default scenery Default ENBR
  9. It's the starter locks or something along those lines on the amphibious and float models. I think you have to move the throttles into full reverse then normal to unlock them. The procedure is in the manual.
  10. By overhauled you mean updated layouts and changes etc, like Trondheim v1 to v2?
  11. Do you want us to answer both if we also use other sims than flightsim?
  12. RAAS is being worked for v4 but is not ready yet according to the PMDG 747/777 installers.
  13. But couldn't the way FSDreamteam have done it work just as well. They have a xml file in the documents folder that references the location where the files are located.
  14. Please let us choose the install location like FSDreamteam has done.
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