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  1. For my pedals I have 100% sensitivity with 5% null. I wouldn't worry if the Differential message shows as it's unlikely that both pedals are reporting exactly the same value to FSX. Does the aircraft actually swing? I'm pretty sure that if I stand on the brakes I'm getting full braking even if the Diff message shows.
  2. I love the Mozzie!! I'm glad to see one get in the air again.
  3. I suspect these are the standard FSX ones. Guessing they're placed at any parking position that's big enough? I doubt FSX know's it's a drive in/out spot.
  4. I see you're in a 737. The PAPI's at CDG if they are set like the real airport are designed to look correct for the eye height of a larger aircraft. It's quite common when transitioning to visual for the PAPI's to show Low in smaller aircraft. Could that be the case here?
  5. Yeah don't delete the video. The quality is great. I only mentioned the autopilot issue to help you along.
  6. Ha Ha, I was just typing a similar reply you saved me the bother.
  7. Nice vid, just remember to engage the 2nd autopilot for an autoland though ;-)
  8. Chaders


    Thanks Mopperle, That off sets my stupidity somewhat. I've PM'd the person in question to explain.
  9. Chaders


    Hi All, Is there away to delete a reputation vote you've given? Due to some fat fingers on my iPad earlier I managed to vote down a post I'd actually intended to vote up. Any ideas?
  10. That's impressive. Adding the surroundings of the airport brings the place alive some how. Nice work.
  11. I will visit that place before I die!!
  12. Matt, Great pictures! Seeing that Brittania 737-200 has brought back great memories of a childhood holiday to Grand Canaria. I was about 12 at the time and obsessed with aviation, I had various sims on my C64. I'd asked to go up to the flight deck ( those were the days). Mum and Dad thought it would be a 5 minute trip. Once up there I got talking to the crew, answered most of thier questions as to what the various instruments were called. Even got to fly the aircraft ( well twiddled the HDG knob to turn onto a new heading). Some 90 minutes later I had to return to my seat. Great times!
  13. It came in under a full emergency. I think they'd reported smoke in the cockpit. Couldn't see much from our gate except lots of blue lights surrounding it. AvHerald have a little about it:- http://avherald.com/h?article=45360948&opt=0
  14. Yesterday was indeed quite a day for it. The weather caused delays at DUS. We was sat on the ground for nearly 2 hours (usual turn around 30 minutes) due to a slot caused by delays in fuelling during the afternoon. Then a germanwings airbus closed the airport for a while. Luckily they extended the very strict curfew so I made it home in the end.
  15. It's a 737-200 adv. That's why it had the skinny engines. Have a look at http://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/491388-sky-airlines-chile-737-near-miss-landing.html
  16. I've seen this elsewhere. The damage to the wing was due to the botched go around. What I don't get is why they didn't go around earlier when they lost visual with the runway? The passenger video shows how far to the left of the centreline they actually touched down. I'll see if I can find the video of the go around from a spotter, it'll curl your hair!
  17. I'm sure if they was that quick at my garage they'd still charge me a full hours labour! ;-)
  18. Hope it wasn't due out for a quick turn around. The brakes took a hammering ;-) Nice vid though.
  19. That is simply stunning! I know just how much work you must have put into that vid to get it looking that good.
  20. I especially like the fact when sitting in the cockpit of the 707,727 and 737 ( and old 747-200's) you can really see the family history.
  21. Indeed, I think you'll find that you have issues when trying to uninstal anything in the future. Is it possible to restore from the recycle bin but not overwrite the ones you've managed to install since the delete?
  22. I love the old Jets. I love the challenge of flying them.
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