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  1. Yes i know. But cant you remove those vehicles? They dont really exist. The airport never had or will have pushback vehicles.
  2. yes like with the other shadowing problem to turn off airplane shadows. This isnt a solution, then i should turn off all options in FSX to fix my issues.
  3. When you created this post the title was "Heraklion LGIT is superb". I see you corrected, its ok now.
  4. Yes i mean the pushback trucks generated by FSX. I dont know if they can be removed though. I hope so.
  5. I just noticed something in Heraklion X and i thought of telling you. It isn't a problem but more of an advice. In the real airport there are no pushback vehicles. The aircrafts just move forward and taxi to the runway no pushbacks on any parking place. I just thought of sharing this issue in case you want to fix it. It really is annoying because you cant pushback on curved lines. That explains why aircrafts start taxiing immediately. Thank you.
  6. I dont know if this has been asked again so excuse if it is. I have Airbus X but I have a problem with the shadowing. The shadows are cast pixelated on the aircraft. I know one solution can be to untick that box in the graphics settings for the aircraft to cast shadows on itself. I don't like that so I'd like to know if there is any other solution to my problem. Also heard that I can adjust some settings through nvidia inspector to make the shadows look better. Here are 2 images explaining in visual what I'm trying to say. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/641/pxs1.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/10/pxs2.jpg/ Anyway it is I'm open to any type of solution.
  7. Good to hear so many Greeks are in the forum....xDDD As for the pics i will do my best and always carefully...you can see the diagram of the base from google earth though, so with the pictures that i will provide it will make it look better in 3D...ill be in touch with Emil but please dont say anything more about the pics from the military base.
  8. You've done a great job Emilie. Any news on the release?? BTW: Is anybody else greek in here?? xDD @EmilG My mom works inside the military base next to the airport and this Sunday im going to take a ride with her around the airport and around the runway. If, even now, there is any pic that you may need dont hesitate to tell me.
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