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  1. Just a few images I took while recording. The CRJ looks really nice!
  2. Me neither Frank, I was just as surprised. Never knew I had this fascination
  3. I saw Jo last saturday and he was so kind to show some snapshots of the progress he's making on this scenery. As most know Jo is very talented in creating scenery and make it look damn good ... so when he showed me the shots of the jetways my jaw fell onto the ground ... it's still in Bremen, on the ground in Terminal 1
  4. P3D, I like it (I know I hated it before but those graphics got me hooked)
  5. Ok guys, let's keep the preview thread as a preview thread for the Aerosoft products. If you wanna share other none Aerosoft things you can either sent eachother a PM or post it in the general thread away from the preview thread
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