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  1. This has been looked and adjusted and will be in the coming update.
  2. Yes, that's normal, as soon as there's wind you'll hear it. If you turn the wind off you'll not hear it when you open the door. This is default in the sim and not something added to this aircraft. unavoidable.
  3. Yesterday evening Hans and I had a long teams meeting in which we smooth out the sounds even more then they already were. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to add these changes and adjustments in the release version as everything was set and ready. These adjustments will come in the first update that's rolled out. The sounds are tested, provided and confirmed working as should, by real Twin Otter pilots who have hundreds of hours on the left or right seat. Also note that if you don't change the settings during climb/cruise you'll indeed go deaf but that's how loud the plane is according to the real world Twin Otter pilots, so we followed that advise 40TQ and 75% NP should be the power settings while climbing and cruising.
  4. Hans adjusted the volume, it will be louder and availble with the first update for the Twin Otter!
  5. Me neither Frank, I was just as surprised. Never knew I had this fascination
  6. I saw Jo last saturday and he was so kind to show some snapshots of the progress he's making on this scenery. As most know Jo is very talented in creating scenery and make it look damn good ... so when he showed me the shots of the jetways my jaw fell onto the ground ... it's still in Bremen, on the ground in Terminal 1
  7. P3D, I like it (I know I hated it before but those graphics got me hooked)
  8. Ok guys, let's keep the preview thread as a preview thread for the Aerosoft products. If you wanna share other none Aerosoft things you can either sent eachother a PM or post it in the general thread away from the preview thread
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