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  1. You don't get much colour change in the pine trees in Alaska but I noticed these pleasing colour changes on the hilltops today:- Turf Green with "Hell's Gate" ravine. McLeland Field. Thanks for looking
  2. I've been continuing my work on this in P3D and I've taken a few shots today to show progress:- Marine Services is now back and it is just as well that it is built on stilts, as the water has moved back a bit in P3D. I've swept up all the weeds and the float plane docks are back and also the seagulls. The Whales in Russell Fjord are back and also all the Marine lights, buoys and beacon towers. This seagull is pushing his luck! I have now managed to get real water into my "Hell's Gate" ravine...I was unable to do that in FS9 and just painted it. Gerrish's trees had
  3. Found this neglected old place... ...with all these weeds and junk lying around... ...even the odd clapped out vehicles. The rich men's houses over there at Turf Green seem to be in good order. I couldn't resist cleaning up the brass plate before I left. Farewell for now but obviously the old place needs a bit of TLC! Thanks for looking
  4. Fabulous...I enjoyed watching him struggle to just get enough height to get the nose down to get a little penetration and then he was away...Wonderful!
  5. Thanks Mathijs...All those people doing things in that scenery reminds me of all the Georender scenery that I had in FS9...I expect you remember Richard's scenery
  6. This scenery does test my machine really...It would do better on a 64bit OS that could access more memory. Thanks for looking
  7. Did some flying today at this charming little airfield:- The people move in this scenery and it really adds to the experience. The Scenery is Freeware to owners of the ORBX Pacific North West scenery. Thanks for looking
  8. I got it all properly migrated, including Bowerman with its moving people:- Thanks for looking
  9. Well I just looked at the video and various promos and was extremely impressed...till I saw the price. Also, I have an aversion to low flying over a photograph like in Switzerland Professional in FS9. Photo scenery may be very good for frame rates but not for realism. I think flying over a photo can only look realistic with a bit of altitude.
  10. Options > Settings > Display > Scenery > Bathymetre > Slider to fully right (everything).
  11. I fixed the reflections...It WAS just a setting
  12. Mathijs...That is a question that I can't really answer because I don't use FSX...I only installed FSX as a receiver for scenery. So I really can't compare to two. I can say that I find P3D both fast and smooth but I leave the Frame Rate unlimited and if I have it visible then it hops around with the changing scenery as you would expect but it varies in the Sitka area from about 14 to 58 but very smooth aeroplane handling. It was a mistake to install Tongass Fjords in FSX instead of P3D and then to just point to it in P3D's Scenery Library. You would obviously know that this can not work as
  13. De Haviland Beaver landing at Sitka, Alaska. Best viewed with the Quality clicked up to 1080p and the Full Screen icon at bottom right corner clicked. Thanks for looking
  14. Yes!...Thank you very much masterhawk...That has got the Ocean back very nicely
  15. So my Tongass Fjords is now only in FSX and displays correctly. My only link to the scenery in P3D is through the scenery library. However, the scenery is perfect in FSX and still as shown in these shots in P3D...I could copy the Terrain.cfg file from FSX to P3D and see if that would fix it?
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