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  2. I realise that this may not be the correct forum for this - but more suitable forums all seem to have 'Cannot post' messages. When i open the launcher it displays the 'searching for updates' screen and never stops. i have to select 'search later' to continue and then get some error messages before the launcher eventually opens. Within the launcher it indicates 'all installed products are up to date'. regards
  3. Hi Kitimat cargo mission - diverted to Terrace at 5000 ft - engine fails. Try as i might i cannot glide as far as Terrace. Manage to water land close by but cannot get as far as the airport. Any hints? regards
  4. Thanks for that. Now i realise now why i couldnt change a/c - oops - should have read the manual more closely i guess. Am enjoying this sim, but lucky there is the 'no crash' setting or half of my a/c would be scattered across the plains - especially near Borana! regards
  5. Hi. I have encountered 2 problems. 1) If i use the advanced menu to show a/c location - it changes to show the a/c in its location - but i cannot get back to the normal screen without ending the flight an losing the money i have earned. 2) I have tried flying (without a job) to Embu to change a/c - but no 'pop-up' menu appears - no matter how close i taxi to the other a/c
  6. I was rather dissapointed to see that some of the DH6 missions were mere duplications of DH2 missions - same mission - different aircraft.
  7. Has the NW Cargo mission for DH6 ever been resolved - i.e. no co-pilot - no mission end - no rewards
  8. Hi. I get the following error message whenever i start up FSX - since installing Beaver + mission pack. SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (Aerosoft/Beaver Missions/SCENERY) in scenery Area.130 not found.
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