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  1. That's quite interesting to read. You said, AES is better protected against piracy. Isn't there any possibility to do this on other products? How much buyers do you think do you lose because of piracy? Or would those who pirate the product really buy it, when it's not possible for them anymore? I sometimes read on Youtube and on other sites, that those people think, the prices are not fair. 25€ for a mega airport, for example. I just don't understand how people can say something like this, when I read the forums here, it seems to be so much work to develop a big airport like EDDM and people just don't get it that you need more than a weekend to create such a peace of software. On the other hand it might be difficult for some who know, they can download it for free without any consequences for them. Sorry, I could write endless about this topic.........................
  2. Thanks for your answer, Mathijs. I understand that other publishers would love to know that. I would have never thought, that AES is the best selling product, though...
  3. I wonder if it is possible to publish some interesting (selling) statistics of Aerosoft? For example, how many products sold, the most successful ones, profit, etc.? I'd really like to know that!
  4. I only have CDG and that's a nice one indeed, considering how big the airport is the FPS are very good for me (20-30 nearly full settings). I suppose Orly will have a similar quality. You may have read complaints about performance. Of course, performance in FSX can never be good enough, but for you 20 or 40 FPS don't really matter, do they?
  5. Seeing your computer specs I think both sceneries shouldn't be a problem for you...
  6. All right. I just thought somebody knows enough about the 757 to say if that's normal or not...
  7. Bist du dir auch sicher, dass der Autopilot fliegt?
  8. The FMC of the CS 757 always gives me a very low approach speed although the aircraft has nearly full PAX and cargo. Flaps 25 approach - about 115 knots, Flaps 30 about 110 knots! Is that normal? e.g., the NGX lands with about 145knots, flaps 30...
  9. Very nice video and take off! A bit too much camera shake in my opinion. How did you get this awesome condensation effect?
  10. Wenn du den Code bis jetzt nur für deinen PC verwendet hast, solltest du mal PMDG anschreiben und Sie bitten, den Code noch einmal freizuschalten. Normalerweise machen die das. Warum der beim zweiten Mal auf dem gleichen PC nicht mehr funktioniert, weiß ich allerdings auch nicht.
  11. That's what they did with Frankfurt Hahn It would be great if you could put the database and the downloadshop together, so I agree with Eric Bakker. Everything else is fine for me
  12. Beim den Center Fuel Pumps ist es zum Beispiel so: Wenn der Flieger betankt wird, werden immer zuerst die Tanks in den Flügeln gefüllt, das heißt, der Center Tank kommt nur zum Einsatz, wenn das Flugzeug fast voll getankt wird. Wenn du also ca 50% Fuel drinnen hast, ist der Center Tank LEER. Dann müssen natürlich die Pumpen für diesen Tank aus. Wie es bei den Hyd Pumpem ist, weiß ich allerdings nicht
  13. Of course you can! Go to aerosoft.com, select your language/country, then go to "FAQ/Updates" under "Support/Service". After you logged in, you'll be able to register any aerosoft product as BOX OR DOWNLOAD version. After you registered your products, you can choose one and look for updates.
  14. naja, die haben ihren Sitz glaube ich in Paderborn
  15. Die 1.00 Version hatte vielleicht ein paar Bugs, dass das neue Modul nicht mit PMDG (oder anderen) Flugzeugen funktionierte und somit, wie bie mir, zum Absturz des FSX führte. Die 1.01 Version ist jedoch draußen, das schlimmste, was jetzt noch passieren kann, ist, dass du in der DLL das Wort "TRUE" durch "FALSE" ersetzen muss. Ansonsten funktioniert alles einwandfrei, genau wie bei einem anderen Addon auch. Die Szenerie ist wirklich super und läuft flüssig bei mir. Der Preis/Leistungs-Verhältnis ist sehr gut, dafür dass sogar ein großer Radius um den Flughafen herum detailliert umgesetzt wurde. Woanders ist man da mit 20€+ dabei. Lasst euch bloß nicht vom Kauf abhalten, wenn hier eine Hand voll Leute Probleme mit dem Addon haben, das ist immer so und wird hier nur übertrieben dargestellt.
  16. True, the majority wants to see different camera angels...
  17. Ultimate Terrain and Ground Environment. You find any addons I used in the description
  18. And that's the point why I'm doing this. My goal is to make people feel they are passenger of the airplane and in my opinion this feeling gets lost when changing the view. Since a few more people mentioned the problem of this one (boring) I'm a bit uncertain if I should change the views or not.
  19. Thanks for your advice! I'll try to do so in my next video...
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