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  1. Short video where you can see me while performing a touch and go landing in St. Maarten with a heavy B747. Filmed in the iPilot Flightcenter in Dusseldorf, where you can fly the Queen of the Skies yourself. Flightsimulator used is Prepar3D. Enjoy!
  2. Oh sorry, forgot that due to much work. But thanks to Otto that he posted the next picture
  3. Gute Antwort Wenn es Neuigkeiten geben würde, dann wär das doch schon längst bekannt...
  4. Sure, that´s right, but sometimes there are not many people who watch a video of about 4 minutes when there is only one camera angle the entire time.
  5. Wow, awesome! Love the paintscheme, the best United ever had!
  6. Thanks at all! @Emi, I will have a look, thanks for the clue.
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