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  1. Hey can I have some help? The Gsx Config File does not open when I download it.

    The Link to Page:


  2. The tears you shed at the beauty of what you saw enhanced the bloom even further I see...
  3. Negative sir. Another hint, since we know Switzerland, think central Switzerland....has it's own airline based there, one that flies to a small very famous airport in the UK, and just took a new destination from an airline that operates Airbus aircraft.
  4. Nope, try again... It is a standalone airport product, created by a developer who has a few standalone products in this country/area.
  5. Sorry for the quick slight-off topic....but what do you suggest scenery-wise for the Faroe's? Been interested in them...and that shot sparked it up again!
  6. Alright here we go...Hint: the altimeter setting is incorrect, so don't try to use that for field elevation....
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