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  1. Vc sabe me dizer onde consigo o Key Code do FlightSim Commander 9.6?

  2. Hey can I have some help? The Gsx Config File does not open when I download it.

    The Link to Page:


  3. The tears you shed at the beauty of what you saw enhanced the bloom even further I see...
  4. Sorry for the quick slight-off topic....but what do you suggest scenery-wise for the Faroe's? Been interested in them...and that shot sparked it up again!
  5. Just as a head's up file size means nothing when talking about VAS usage. I can probably create you a 100kb porta potty that'll pull in 800mb of VAS. The Mallorca package is so large because the islands are completely covered in photoscenery. Photoscenery takes up a LOT of file size space.
  6. I'd start with one step at a time and just disable any MyTraffic .bgls and see if that helps. It seems you made the right steps on the initial install, so wait on that til you're out of other options.
  7. Have you checked for any duplicate AFCADs at LGTS? For instance any freeware you may have installed, or if you have any AI traffic addons like MyTraffic? If so search the MyTraffic folder for "LGTS" and rename any .bgl's you find to ".off". Lastly, have you tried simply uninstalling LGTS, redownloading the installer, and installing it again by running as administrator? Something is amiss for sure because especially with the LITE versions, you should not still be having OOM's.
  8. Hey Dom, Been using SCE for a couple of months now with both FSDT and FlightBeam airports, and have only 2 or 3 times seen an issue, and those only at FSDT's Zurich airport, where I began the flight there at LSZH. I had missing buildings, but a simple close out and restart of FSX solved it. Did you encounter issues at any other of their airports?
  9. You can download it from here: http://support.aerosoft.com/support.php You will have to register it. You'll need your e-mail and serial. The entry is "Aerosoft - Thessaloniki X" Once registered, the name of the patch is the only entry called: "Thessaloniki patch (Out of Memory errors )"
  10. Hi gents, one thing I do want to point out is that my post was general, but was also pointed towards those who do not have any OOM issues. I saw some very pointless posts to that regard in another forum. Anywho, Last year when I bought MMMX it was the first time I've ever had an OOM issue. 6 years of buying addons and never a one. I tested it out and bam, again OOM. So I went into research mode and long story short- my solution was disabling all sceneries I'm not currently using, using a tool call SceneryConfigEditor (can be found in the Avsim library). I free up a few hundred MB of VA
  11. I just want to get something in the air here. People are funny when they have an issue. The immediately think, well if I have it, others must have it! And the product is broken! I fall into the category of having no issue at all with OOMs at Thessaloniki. I've taken the NGX, T7, AAX, and B407 there with no issue. Running ASN with AS2012 clouds etc. I've never heard a ding, never had a crash. The door swings both ways here. Just because it works for me, doesn't mean it works for everyone. Someone said they don't have OOM issues at MMMX. Funny, because I OOM'd there every time I trie
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