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  1. Realistic engine and prop behaviour would be my #1. This would mean a fully custom engine model (MilViz got it pretty right on their PT-6 powered addons..).
  2. Well, same as now. šŸ¤£ Nah, seriously, I understood that you plan to update this product some time into the future. Maybe then the option will be there, and in my eyes, it will be the better option. If would would implement it today, TrueGlass would be more convenient of course.
  3. Yet. They will add them for sure in order to accomodate the Connie. The mulitengine support was also added later on.
  4. Would also pay another full price for an updated product, IF the turboprop simulation is made realistic. The (never to be released) Porter showed what would be possible, MilViz brought a pretty (!) good adaptation of the PT-6 as well in their Totter. If they'd choose to develop a Twotter also (which would be quite logical after bringing the Beaver, Otter and Totter), AS would lose quite a few potential customers to an up-to-date product.
  5. Better opt for the A2A rain effects, they are now free for all devs and are looking far (!!) more realistic.
  6. That's a pity, nevertheless thank you for your quick and honest answer.
  7. It's been a while now since v4 has been released, but the only airports yet converted are Oslo and the native Trondheim.. are there any chances we will get Torp, Stavanger, Alta and Svolvaer in the near future? Are there any more plans to expand in this region?
  8. Any news...? Or has PFPX completely become abondonware now..?
  9. That's really sad news, but many thanks for your quick answer!
  10. Since v4 is out for quite a long time now, and there are no real news here.. will the Dimona and ASK21 be made compatible? I really miss them.
  11. What I meant was, I had no chance to feed the #1 engine from any other tank, so it just shut down. Admitted, if everything works correctly, this wouldn't be necessary. I tested the updated file, and everything seems to work properly now. Many thanks for your quick action! @Mace: I know the theory, however it didn't work. That's why I posted
  12. Of course they cannot be used as landing lights, however, they are usually used to make the aircraft more visible to other aircraft on ground and in the terminal area. The landing lights do their job in front, and the wing lights on the sides. You'll see DC-9's / MD-80s for example using the ground illum and wing lights, which add 2 lights per side .Same on the 737. If it's too much effort, no problem. It just would be a 'nice to have' addition. As a 'simple' user, it always seems easy, especially as other addons (NGX, Maddog..) feature these lights as dynamic. I operate he gear using a switch, but the flaps by axis, assigned through FSUIPC. But also P3D offers a 'Flap Axis' assignment, which should work the same way. I really appreciate your responsive support!
  13. Regarding the fuel system, I replied to another topic with more in-depth informations. This is a major issue for me, that currently renders the plane unusable. Plus, please consider a working crossfeed system, it would add immense value to this aircraft. Engines, EPR bugs was just an idea. Masking the fuel flow would be great however. Though not a top priority issue.. AP: Allright, I'm with you here. Lights: Wing flood should would be used below TA/ 10k ft additionally to the landing lights (which may depend on the airline), so some effect would be not too bad. Makes good screenshots from the outside even better! Sound: I saw that the flap lever indeed HAS sound, but only if you use buttons or the mouse to operate it. If you use an axis, the lever has NO sounds. Would be great if you could look into this, as it's a nice help to determine the positions by ear. Panels: Any tendency on 2D popups for the CDUs?
  14. Ok, one hour later. No 1 Main is depleted, and No 1 engine has quit (as we have no working crossfeed *poke*). Now that there is no fuel left in the No 1 system, Engine No 2 starts using fuel from its own tank, No 2 Main. I planned for a diversion, downloaded a freeware scenery for the diversion airport and put it in the library on the fly, however P3D crashed afterwards. So I cannot tell exactly, but I guess once No 4 fuel is depleted, No 3 engine would then start using its own tank. Well, I started preparation for this flight this morning and now spent 5 hours for nothing.. the aircraft is grounded for now. Back to the Maddog.
  15. Same here. Currently on the first mid-range flight. Start config: Fuel 80000lb, automatic distribution No 1&4 Alt: around 10000lb No 1&4 Main: around 11000lb No 2&3 Alt: around 2000lb No 2&3 Main: 17600lb Both Center: 0 About 1,5 hours into the flight, it looks like this: No 2&3 Alt depleted, but Mains not used at all. Using P3D4.1. Edit: A bit later, and No 1 Alt is depleted, No 1 Main is at 6800, No 4 Alt is a at 2200 and No 4 Main at 7460. No 2&3 mains still at 17600. It seems No 2 &3 draw their fuel from the #1 tank system.
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