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  1. Well, same as now. 🤣 Nah, seriously, I understood that you plan to update this product some time into the future. Maybe then the option will be there, and in my eyes, it will be the better option. If would would implement it today, TrueGlass would be more convenient of course.
  2. Yet. They will add them for sure in order to accomodate the Connie. The mulitengine support was also added later on.
  3. Would also pay another full price for an updated product, IF the turboprop simulation is made realistic. The (never to be released) Porter showed what would be possible, MilViz brought a pretty (!) good adaptation of the PT-6 as well in their Totter. If they'd choose to develop a Twotter also (which would be quite logical after bringing the Beaver, Otter and Totter), AS would lose quite a few potential customers to an up-to-date product.
  4. Better opt for the A2A rain effects, they are now free for all devs and are looking far (!!) more realistic.
  5. That's a pity, nevertheless thank you for your quick and honest answer.
  6. It's been a while now since v4 has been released, but the only airports yet converted are Oslo and the native Trondheim.. are there any chances we will get Torp, Stavanger, Alta and Svolvaer in the near future? Are there any more plans to expand in this region?
  7. Any news...? Or has PFPX completely become abondonware now..?
  8. For me integration of the GTN units would be the most important item. Also a weather radar unit would be a great addition. Lastly a point that always made flying the Twotter less enjoyable for me is the ground handling with the current engine simulation. You either rocket forward or you're stuck at the position. And it seems it is heavily influenced from wind speed and direction somehow. I know (I believe?) that it is based on an improved model of the standard FS turboprop model, thus these issues could only be overcome with a custom engine modeling, and I know this would mean more than just 7 euros worth, but I'd happily pay another 20-30 for a really realistic engine simulation. Maybe you could work on this e with Marcel Felde, as he seems to have gone quite far with his PT6 simulation for the Porter, and a far as I understood from his post his PT6 model may be adapted to other aircraft. This certainly would be a dream. Oh, and visual icing simulation.. nah, I better don't start on this one. [emoji6] Gesendet von meinem D6503 mit Tapatalk
  9. Any news on this? Has anyone looked into the possibility to export to the GTN?
  10. Version 1.0


    Aircraft Template for the Cessna 172R, using performance tables provided by A2A, for use with the standard prop.
  11. Version 1.0


    Aircraft template for the Beech B60 Duke, using the performance tables provided by RealAir.
  12. Some alternative destinations, such as african airports, really would be nice. Flying european and american hubs and airports over and over again gets boring time to time, and Africa could be a nice continent to discover. But I admit that it wouldn't sell as good as 'traditional' products..
  13. Ja ist bei mir genauso. Beides zu nutzen ist bringt Abwechslung, und beides hat seine Vor und Nachteile. Derweil kann man bei Nutzung von GSX die Parkposition so wählen, dass es keine Probleme gibt, also z.B. B2 statt B1 (diese wäre zu nah am Terminal, sodass es verschwindet).
  14. Selbes Problem habe ich auch. Habe zwar auch AES freigeschaltet, aber da unrealistischerweise immer der Pax-Bus ankommt, würde ich doch lieber GSX nutzen..
  15. Hi, ich weiß nicht ob es hier schonmal aufkam: an manchen Airports kommt ein Paxbus angefahren, obwohl die Passagiere hier per Pedes zum Flieger kommen würden (aktuelles Beispiel: Hahn). Kann man das irgendwie unterbinden, eine Option einfügen oder das gleich realistisch, Flughafenabhängig gestalten? Gruß Matthias
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