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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. Alright, thanks for your quick answer! That was never clear to me before, I always thought you can fix the OOMs by setting up everything correctly... At least I know now that the problem is bound to Win7/FSX and I can consider if I want to move to Prepar3d. Thanks!
  2. Since there is some information about the 4GB-limit and running out of "VAS-memory", I will add my question to this thread. I'm using FSX. So when I had a flight with a few addons (FTX Global, Vector, Weather, Addon-Aircraft), I would always end up in a sim-crash after some time (45-90mins). The sim always crashed when I clicked on something (e.g. cockpit switch or menu button). My sim was not a clean set up, with addons that I had added over the time, probably conflicting with each other. I always read in forums that OOMs occure, when the sim was not set up in a clean way. So I decided to do a clean reinstallation of the whole sim and only installed addons I really wanted to keep. But hey, problem continues. I just got only the FTX products installed (Global, Vector, LC, no weather) and did the Apple mission (=default AC, airports) - just before the finish afer ~60min, lights went out. I was aware of the RAM-problem with FSX, but some aspects I read in the last few days on the internet were new to me: That the VAS-memory has often the problem, that it does not "empy" itself while the sim runs. So it keeps filling and filling until... boom. Sim crash. And that you can't really do anything about it but delay the inevitable by reducing the rate the pot gets filled = reducing VAS-intensive addons. Or you have to save your flight in intervalls and restart the sim to empy the pot before you continue. Is that true? I can't really believe it, I always assumed the crashes were related to my messy FSX. I mean, how is one supposed to do a long haul flight with the PMDG 777 then? Do I have to restart FSX in 60min-intervalls to avoid crashes, assuming I use some addons? I'm really interested in information about this topic... System Info: Win 7 HP 64bit FSX Gold Edition i7-2600 GTX 1050ti 8GB RAM
  3. That's correct! The airport is one of four in "World Airports 4".
  4. No, not Melbourne. Yes, FSX I made a second picture. Maybe someone recognizes the tower?
  5. Okay, I give some more information: - airport is not in europe - airport is not in the USA - airport has the size of a Mega Airport (which does not mean it is sold as a mega airport by aerosoft...)
  6. FS Global macht wieder was anderes. Weiß nicht genau wie ich das sagen soll. Bodenverlauf, Bodenbeschaffenheit... naja. Es lässt Hügel, Berge und Täler von der Form her viel realistischer aussehen. Berge sind nicht mehr ein Kartoffelkloß, sondern haben realistische Konturen und eine Spitze wie es sich gehört.
  7. Please include some information about the problem so others can help you easier. You should... -...post your System Specifications. -...list other addons you have installed. -...mention when the problem occured for the first time (e.g. after installing XXX.) -...
  8. Im Nachhinein ist dieser Problemverlauf einfach faszinierend durchzulesen. Dass ein solches, ja eigentlich BANALES Problem soviel Ärger auslösen kann! Wahnsinn... Zuerst mal Updates installieren und dann den Support kontaktieren. Hm, hilft nichts. Dann wohl eine Neuinstallation der PMDG und Änderungen in der Registry vornehmen - nein, hilft alles nichts, am besten den Sonntag freinehmen und gleich den ganzen FSX mit all seinen Addons neu installieren! Und am Ende wars dann ein einziger Mausklick auf dem FMC...
  9. Budapest was as far as I know a complete remake. Maybe you could do the same with Frankfurt? Compared to others it looks - sorry - terrible. I'd pay the full price owning the old version
  10. Hm. Wenn du mit der rechten Maustaste ins Leere klickst und dann auf Cockpit gehst, kommt nichts? Hast du mal UMSCHALT + 1-9 probiert? Da kommen ja normalerweise die 2D-Elemente.
  11. Love the approach on 25R! The graphics in MA Frankfurt 2008 look sooo outdated - I can't wait for the new one!!!! My home airport...
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