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  1. As well as the above, I have also built this: i5 2500k OC'd to 4.6GHZ ASUS P8Z77-V LX 8GB 2x4GB 1600 RAM 240GB Corsair SSD OCZ 650 Bronze 80+ PSU Thermaltake Contac Silent cooler ASUS 1GB GTX260 Ti For approx £630. I'm considering upgrading the cooler, but not sure if it's worth it?
  2. Thanks for your replies. As for the machine: the purpose is the generate the best performance possible, for the lowest possible price. Regarding the water-cooling, increase in PSU and 1600 RAM, I'm not entirely convinced the price increase would justify the performance increase £ to FPS. I realize that these enhance performance, however the system as it is, should be able to run FSX smoothly with addons like NGX, Airbus X and plenty of quality Aerosoft scenery, with low to medium traffic and autogen. Am I correct?
  3. What would one expect in terms of performance with the following machine: i5-2500k Intel CPU 8GB DDR3 RAM 1333MHz 256GB Crucial SSD High Performance Asus Motherboard NVidia GTX550Ti OCZ COREXSTREAM 500W PSU The above costs £425. What would I expect in Performance, after I Overclock? And which air cooler would be a good option? Thanks.
  4. How will this system run FS9: E8500 3.13ghz 4GB RAM Geforce 9600GT Just out of interest also, how will it run FSX? FS20.
  5. Apologies if this has previously been covered: I was wondering how this system will handle Fs9 with many of aerosoft's featured addons; CPU: E8500 (3.13ghz) RAM: 4GB Corsair DDR2 GPU: Geforce 9600GT Thanks, FS20.
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