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  1. Hi Team, I missed the notes stating that hardware (Joystick) and throttle hardware was required to use this new aircraft. However, my Logitech controller is working just fine and I'm able to control throttles using F3 (Throttle Increase) and page down (Throttle decrease) Just curious how this is happening. I do have Aerosoft A320/321 already loaded. Great product by the way. Easy to fly.
  2. Not sure how that happened. I thought I was in another thread. I'll be careful next time.
  3. Hi Team, I'm using my Logitech pad with the A330. My F3 button increases throttles and my page down button decreases. I'm not using joystick or throttle hardware. Would this be because I already have the Aerosoft Profession A320 software?
  4. Shaun, Yes, sorry I have been buying products from both Aerosoft and Simmarket for about 7 years now and never had this problem before. On both sites it says in big bold letters FSX & FS2004 I think they should give us a refund especially customer like me who spend anywhere from USD$ 50-200 per month on Flight Sim software. JD
  5. Hi Ryan, I'm with you on this. Let me see if I can find the right person to contact. Joe *****
  6. Goof, When I downloaded on SIMMARKET it says requirements FSX and FS2004
  7. Hello Forum, I just purchased My Traffic 2013 and it will not load. I clicked and chose the path to FS9 folder but it still says "CANNOT FIND MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR" Any ideas? Joe *****
  8. Hello Forum, I have a few planes that are currently giving me trouble with AES and can't figure out why it's happening. I have the 717 Jet City Aircraft (Vans 717 panel installed) and when gate is connected to plane and the ground equipment shows up as soon as I switch to outside views I get "Block in position" and the gate and ground process start over again. Also, when I push F8 to line of the aircraft the plane will violently go nose up and thrust forward. I also have this problem with the POSKY CRJ 900 (Sky Decks CRJ panel installed) aircraft. I'm thinking since I have payware panel installed this is the problem but can't figure out how to fix it. Any help would be great. Joe Chicago-USA ********************
  9. Thanks guys... I'm glad to see dublin added. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!! Joe *****
  10. Hello Forum, Does anyone know when the next version of AES will be coming out? Joe Davis Chicago-USA
  11. Hi Geddy, Thanks for the response. Have a great weekend. joe ***
  12. I just was just wondering if there was a way to start fueling? When I call for the fuel truck it comes up to the aircraft and then on my AES screen I get "No Fueling at this time" Is there a way to start this? Joe
  13. Hello All, Just wondering if anyone new when the next version of AES is coming out. Can't wait to see what new airports are going to be covered under it. Joe Chicago-USA
  14. Yes, maybe Aerosoft with come out with some new Miami scenery that AES will work in. JD Chicago-USA
  15. Hello, AES works in alot of the Fly Tampa scenery except for Miami and Tampa. Could we get AES these two airports? Also, would like to have AES functioning in ISD's Dublin scenery as well. Joe Chicago-USA
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