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  1. I made a support ticket as my copy of PFPX stopped working (airports not recognised). However, I've had no response beyond the automated acknowledgement. This is not looking good and also reflects badly on Aerosoft IMO.
  2. Commendation Due ! I shop at Aerosoft with complete confidence and that is important to me. Recently due to PC problems I have needed to do 2 completely clean reinstals and on both occasions all purchases were simply re-downloaded and installed from my Aerosoft account. Excellent flightsim products and superb service. Well done Aerosoft ! Bruce FSX Gold, Win7 x 64, I7, 12GB, GTX295 Mega Airports, PMDG JS41 & B738NGX
  3. Ok thanks guys, will try that in the morning Cheers, Bruce
  4. Hi Matt I'm trying to do them one at a time. Is that not correct then? Do I need to extract all three sections first?
  5. Dear Support, Have had to carry out a clean instal on new HDD and all my Aerosoft airports have reinstalled perfectly. But not the Balearics, the installer keeps asking for "the next disc to be inserted" - of course there is no disc it's a download? What could be the problem? Thanks for your guidance. Bruce FSX Gold, W7x64 Expl9.
  6. mopperle - your method was spot on. All done now, I'm off for some v warmth..... Cheers, Bruce
  7. Thralni and mopperle - Thanks for the quick response, I'll get to the instal a bit later. Soltice salutations to you and yours, Bruce
  8. Colleagues, Christmas presents with problems ! I've downloaded all three parts of the Balearic Islands for FSX and the serial number is accepted - when I try to install the first part the installer keeps asking for the disc to be inserted ? ? This is a DOWNLOAD PURCHASE there is no disc. Would really appreciate advice on how to correct this issue. Many thanks Bruce Bailey FSX Gold, W7x64
  9. Thank you Maddz and all - that worked perfectly. Cheers Bruce
  10. Thanks Everyone - What a giggle? I'll try your advice later. Bruce
  11. Season's Greetings to all! Sorry if I've missed this issue elsewhere on the forum, but how do I stop the party soundtrack which I get even at 2000' ? Thanks Neighbours, Bruce - Danair1
  12. Thanks Robert! Hi Maddz - Yes I have windows 7 x 64 and will keep trying the VAE installer. I'll try to install as administrator and see if that works. At the moment I'm getting error messages, you know the box that says 'your software may not have installed correctly etc' and can't get past that. Bye for now, Bruce
  13. Ok Chaps - it's not just my connection then. Must also say am having a lot of difficulty installing VAEs pilot client - have virtually given up.
  14. Is anyone else finding Teamspeak Down on VAE? Cheers, Bruce
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