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  1. Just a few images I took while recording. The CRJ looks really nice!
  2. Me neither Frank, I was just as surprised. Never knew I had this fascination
  3. I saw Jo last saturday and he was so kind to show some snapshots of the progress he's making on this scenery. As most know Jo is very talented in creating scenery and make it look damn good ... so when he showed me the shots of the jetways my jaw fell onto the ground ... it's still in Bremen, on the ground in Terminal 1
  4. Just wondering Chiel, why don't you go back to a previous state of your pc if everything was working correct? Why don't you follow the instructions on your account and make back ups of your files? You would be able to get acces to them when things go wrong, if you back them up. Aerosoft gives support but you can't expect a company to come by your house and 'fix/solve' your specific issue (which thousands don't have). You can, as mentioned, try to air your opinion but try to do so in a respectful way as this will bring you more as you want the company to help you, instead of using the attitude you are using at this moment because that doesn't work in your favour. I understand it's frustrating if things aren't working as needed and you're one of the few that have this issue but the road you're walking on now is not going to change anything. Give Aerosoft some time and read this: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/95083-thoughts-of-a-project-manager-after-sp3/
  5. P3D, I like it (I know I hated it before but those graphics got me hooked)
  6. Ok guys, let's keep the preview thread as a preview thread for the Aerosoft products. If you wanna share other none Aerosoft things you can either sent eachother a PM or post it in the general thread away from the preview thread
  7. My eyes tell me something else when looking at the preview topic saying Preview FSX/P3D/FS2004 so it seems that you mist a different post stating there will be a FS2004 version as well
  8. The scenery will still be on sale 2 years from now and not over 2 years
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