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    • The Boeing 777 pro is not listed for an update ???
    • That's the intended behaviour. We didn't create any 2D panels (except for displays) but instead used the respective shortcuts to control the virtual cockpit camera.
    • Because these are not done by painters but by our developers.
    • Please note this closes the development of this version.   ******************************************************************************************* ***     The 64-bit version of this update requires Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4.3 or higher!    *** ******************************************************************************************* --------------------------------------- IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - For all support, come to our forum: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/   Version / Rev 370 - [Fixed] MFD showed localizers when (hi/lo) navaids are selected - [Fixed] No more multiple clicks on SET PAYLOAD IN SIMULATOR needed - [Added] Support variables for FS2Crew - [Added] Flight idle thrust simulation - [Fixed] Added LOC and GS deviation scales for HGS PRI flight mode - [Fixed] Adding custom waypoints caused CTD on LEGS page when switching to FPLN page - [Fixed] TO/TO pitch commands - [Fixed] Removed warning message when loading a flightplan with a "VECTORS" transition - [Added] Weather radar can be displayed on the First Officer MFD now.            Tilt, gain and range are the same as on the Captain's side WXR.            WXR/TERR and WXR mode are controlled by the FO WXR panel - [Added] Weather radar now attempts to reconnect to ActiveSky if the connection is lost - [Removed] ACARS from MCDU MENU page (was debug code which shouldn't have been visible) - [Fixed] Code to avoid MFD Range CTD from CRJ Pro included - [Fixed] Debug output on the PFD removed - [Fixed] Bank angle triangles on the PFD fixed - [Changed] Auto pressurization modes FLT ABORT and DESCENT changed to activate after 20 seconds of negative vertical speed instead of immediately. - [Fixed] Missing terrain radar map - [Fixed] Weather radar orientation - [Fixed] Sound systems re-initializing - [Fixed] Throttle Settings not saved - [Fixed] Secondary COM tuning on RTU - [Fixed] Missing MDA indicator - [Fixed] Negative N1 indications - [Fixed] Chronometer and Elapsed time displays on clocks - [Fixed] TCAS logic for aircraft on the ground (AI aircraft don't have transponders, so they're now shown when they're moving) - [Fixed] Missing small digits in upper clock display - [Fixed] Chrono limited to 99m59s - [Fixed] TCAS logic for aircraft on the ground and while on the ground - [Fixed] Message "Configuring aircraft. Please wait..." not disappearing if aircraft status           is changed while engines are starting - [Fixed] APU Fuel Burn - [Fixed] Pressurization data position on EICAS 1 - [Fixed] Flight loading delayed to occur after sim start   Version / Rev 367 - [Fixed] Pushbutton clickspots in P3D v4 VC models - [Fixed] Differential Pressure going off limits when lower altitude is selected - [Changed] Some changes with Nearest Lists (airports, VORs, NDBs, etc.) updating to avoid CTD on range change - [Fixed] VNAV issue which cause "above" constraints to be handled as "at" constraints in descent phase - [Fixed] MFD ADV page ignored L/R setting and only allowed paging for on-side MFD - [Fixed] No more Nav-to-Nav transfer if a non-LOC approach is selected - [Fixed] Enabled STAR and transition selection  - [Added] Arrivals page now allows to select runways without an approach procedure (VFR) - [Fixed] High cabin altitude fluctuation at low flight altitudes - [Fixed] A condition where a waypoint entered on FPLN page 1 would disappear - [Fixed] A lonely "DIRECT" indication on FPLN page 1 - [Fixed] The "Cabin Secure" callout is now triggered by closing the main door - [Fixed] Armed vertical mode is now disarmed when ALT is pressed (GS remains armed) - [Fixed] Entering waypoint as first waypoint of the flightplan on FPLN page 1 is now possible - [Fixed] Total distance calculation (FPLN page 1) is now available all the time after departure and arrival have been entered - [Added] Active airway is shown on FPLN page 2 and following - [Fixed] Warning/Caution now comes up when engine is starting with any door open - [Fixed] FCP ALT light doesn't go off anymore when selected altitude is changed - [Fixed] Dubrovnik (LDDU) Rwy 12 MOKU4C SID turn second (INTC) now turns into the right direction - [Fixed] Moved HGS radio altitude indicator further down to not block FPV symbol anymore - [Fixed] TOC calculation for climb with combination of BELOW and ABOVE constraints (LGAV 03R/VARI1J) - [Fixed] Improved change from (INTC) to DME Arc/Radius to fix legs (LGSM RW27/URNI1C) - [Fixed] Improved switching to next waypoint at end of DME Arc   Version / Rev 359 - [Fixed] DAVE screen going black after first menu selection.... second attempt - [Fixed] Other screens going black after InvalidParameter state of Graphics object   Version / Rev 358: - [Fixed] DAVE screen going black after first menu selection - [Fixed] Holding leg distance calculation when time (seconds) is used as distance parameter in navdata - [Fixed] KSFO 28L OFFSH1 SID display on ND - [Fixed] PFD attitude indicator vertical alignment - [Fixed] N1 dropping below idle if power is advanced very carefully - [Fixed] VNAV calculation now uses CRZ ALT if as maximum altitude if no previous altitude constraint is found - [Fixed] Function to find previous altitude constraint now skips departure waypoints - [Fixed] VNAV profile and ToD calculation (special cases with (VECT), discos and constraints) - [Fixed] Tracking for Heading to DME Distance legs - [Fixed] A rare condition that could cause auto pressurization system go to descent mode while on cruise altitude - [Fixed] HUD speed trend indicator stuck - [Fixed] NAV-to-NAV transfer doesn't block manual frequency tuning any longer - [Fixed] FMS now loads terminal procedure legs even when RNP field is missing (RNP defaults to 1.0 NM in this case) - [Added] Force FSX/P3D fuel pumps to OFF after loading to avoid FSX/P3D fuel pump sound - [Added] Ground roll sound and bump on nose gear touchdown - [Added] HGS Flare command for AIII mode - [Added] HGS Flare cue for other modes - [Fixed] MFD ADV page text/map mode switching - [Fixed] VNAV profile calculation with manually entered waypoints ("step descent") - [Fixed] Altitude alert is no longer triggered by FCP alt selection knob - [Fixed] Removed turnover from NAV SOURCE selector (now moves only moves FMS1, VOR/NAV1, OFF, VOR/NAV2, FMS2) - [Fixed] Active transponder code shown in green on MCDU Radio page - [Fixed] "Gear Bay Overheat" sound plays completely even if button is released early - [Fixed] After forced autopilot disconnect (yoke movement), chime sound loops until AP is properly disconnected   --------------------------------------- TIPS: - DONT PANIC! Read the Step by Step guide. --------------------------------------- FREE ACROBAT READER The manual for the download version is created in Adobe Acrobat format. You can always get the latest version from: www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html. --------------------------------------- Copyright (c) 2018 Aerosoft gmbh All Rights Reserved. All trademarks and brand names are trademarks  or registered trademarks of the respective owners.  
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