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  1. It is up to the crew, and SOPs in use, what autobrake setting to use. Normally I use low and kick it off when I get a feel for the distance remaining to the exit I planned for. Sometimes I do not use it when I know I have the whole runway to myself to slow down. As with anything in aviation; it depends. Landing without autobrakes is perfectly normal for the A320/330/340 Family.
  2. I have an 1080p monitor at 30Hz, could you also make a video I can watch? Only when the 3090 is out I am planning to go 4K 60hz and I would really like to see your video now. Thank you.
  3. Now that you say it, another product from said dev comes to mind that did not have an VC
  4. Anything known about a release date yet? Will the gear also be modeled?
  5. What key combo do I have to use not to see my user ID 15 times on a screenshot like with those other dev previews?
  6. Liking, thanking and/or writing is a reaction to a post. So ‘react’ is factually correct here. I guess you would rather see the word ‘replied’ used when someone actually wrote something as a reaction to a post.
  7. It could very well be that LIDO forgot to update these charts. There are always some small (and big) errors to be found once in an while with their charts IRL. If they are aware of it they will post a notice to the "real world" costumers. In this case they would most probably refer to the EGLC charts and update EGKB with the next cycle.
  8. I think you gave yourself the answer to the problem.
  9. Why is that? You can always use the FPLN page for your position reports.
  10. Both are a maybe, whereby derated climb thrust would make the most sense from a normal every day flight point of view.
  11. 3 pots of coffee you said?
  12. The AS 330 is not yet compatible with v5.
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