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  1. Thanks for the additional info! I did not mean to discredit you or your RW operations here. I just pointed out that, this being the AS Airbus forum, you may not fly the LNAV/VNAV minimum if the temperature is out of the limits if the aircraft has an uncompensated vnav system (like the AS Airbusses). Just read my original post again: Once again, thanks for discussion. It is always nice to hear about different SOP's and equipment.
  2. As I also fly in the US, could you give me an international airport approach chart example please? Just tell me the airport and which approach and I will look it up myself. Thanks Now with regard to the AS Airbus. It does not have a compensated baro vnav system installed so it is defacto a "uncompensated Baro VNAV system". I just read FAA AIM 5-4-5 and it states: I do not know what you mean with VNAV minimum as I only know a LNAV/VNAV or a LNAV minimum in this case. At my airline, equipped with uncompensated Baro vnav systems, we may only fly to the LNAV mi
  3. This is party incorrect. Not authorized means just that. You may not fly the LNAV/VNAV if you have an uncompensated Baro Vnav system and you fall outside of the temperature restrictions. If there are other minima listed you may/might fly those when you compensate but not the approach with LNAV/VNAV minima.
  4. What also comes to mind for me is the whole Sim vs Game debate. MSFS is positioned as a game. Xplane/P3D are „believed“ to be sims. I will not make myself popular with this but for me they are all games within a simulation genre. All platforms have their strong and weak points but you can simulate flight and systems on all three. Just never think that it is the same as RW flying, it is a simulated approximation of it. And for those that want it as real as it gets; fly from LSZH and hit an endangered bird during your V1 cut. After your emergency landing in LSZH with one engi
  5. You can go as slow as Vls but only without ATHR and those default 5 kts above Vls will not have a large impact on your landing distance required.
  6. You do nothing. You just enter the wind into the approach page and that is it. Vapp is per default Vls+5.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I love VR flying. In DCS I simply can not get back to 2D anymore. Only when flying airliners do I still prefer 2D for now but I have to admit that MSFS may very well change my mind on that.
  8. Back in the day I flew the Aerowinx Precision simulator and for that kind of simulation you really do not need visuals and it was realistic as hell. But yesterday I did a CRJ testflight from EDDM to LOWS and I was so busy with doing all the stuff pilots do that I did not even notice the terrain and superb visuals MSFS offers. Just knowing they were there for me to see also made it a very realistic experience.
  9. That is difficult to say. VR is the ultimate immersion you can get but it requires a very high end computer and the visuals will not be as good as on a monitor. I have an HP G2 and love to do some bush flying with it but for airline flying I will stick with an 4K monitor for the time being.
  10. The visuals MSFS offers are so much better than most RW sims. Some of the newest are looking nice but most do not go beyond a stock FS9 environment or even worse. I also use MSFS to get acquainted with new airport environments I will fly to IRL. It is a great tool to get a sense of "the lay of the land". This in combination with detailed add on airports is really golden when it comes to personal flight preperation. Another aspect that is really useful in P3D, XP, MSFS and the like are virtual cockpits that you can use to get familiar with the cockpits and the flows. Rea
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