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  1. Sorted it out; it was an ezdock issue; once i ran the config tool in ezdock it fixed it and i have proper engine and wing textures. Solved. Nice IAE spinning fan blades again!
  2. Using ezdock? Is this the reason? What ways around this?
  3. Yes, bought it release day, but stopped using p3d 3 awhile back and then started again with v4 and been on that for almost a year, so been a bit of a wait to get flying an airbus again!
  4. Good news...Been waiting for 2 years to fly easyjet operations...Thanks for reply!
  5. Awesome news...does 'close first' mean release the a318/a319 series to the market first? That would be awesome if it is the case
  6. Flying the a318 first and then the a320 after would be no problem for most I imagine. Seems logical as that is the one that is finished first and tested, perhaps more of a seamless introduction and easier to monitor initial release issues. People are eager as its a great product. Hope for that route and will purchase on the day! Have had the airbus series since released in 09 with my printed manuel still here for that original initial release and have upgraded to each of them since
  7. I agree, in the end it is a home simulator, so I can work with an a318 first, it is very similar to the larger a319 and a321. It would be good to get flying an airbus in p3d v4 (much needed at this stage) and then get the larger ones once they are tested and released later. As Hightower said, the a318 is the test bed, so sure I would be happy to start with that to get flying again. If the a320 delays further we won't be effected as much as we will be busy flying and learning the airbus already... the cockpits and the systems are the same.
  8. I'd purchase the a318 first no problem! It is the best looking of the series...
  9. Neat ideas! The texturing on the new pilot must-have objects (paper and coffee etc) lol looks pretty real! Glimpse of the MCDU in the video looks sharp and pretty awesome as well!! This will be my most awaited release this year!!
  10. The revised color of the VC, the resolution of the displays and the the color depth in shadows is pretty amazing...looking good.
  11. This new Airbus series will be awesome with out that feature, but game changing if included as Stefan has really done an amazing job on the revised VC. This will be the highlight of 2017 releases and one that I am most excited about of all releases this year (with or without windsheild rain effects)
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