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  1. Sorted it out; it was an ezdock issue; once i ran the config tool in ezdock it fixed it and i have proper engine and wing textures. Solved. Nice IAE spinning fan blades again!
  2. Using ezdock? Is this the reason? What ways around this?
  3. maybe Seattle or Los Angeles or even Boston...
  4. Maybe we can get some love for phoenix, san diego next; airports in those cities are of close proximity to town centers; making it worthwhile to have an add-on city...
  5. We got a good bus....Airbus X...we just need a good 330/340 )
  6. yea, I agree it would be a VERY good seller. No decent widebodies. Why devlp. choose to make 2 737's, 2 bae-146, 2 757's etc etc....Makes no sense to me. People buy what they fly in real life:)
  7. Cool!!! Lots of US West coast being done:) Looking good!! Will be a nice pair with the CRJ:)
  8. They are doing just the airport. The US Cities X by aerosoft does not cover the airports, but more the city and downtown buildings. Thats why it would be cool to have the city done as the field is so close to the city skyline that if you have got a nice add-on field such as KSAN, than it would be good to get a decent skyline to along as the defualt is aweful. San Diego is not that big and should not take away frames that much:) PSP has little skyline and same with Reno:) But all suggestions are good:)
  9. Stafford would work:))) Happy B day!!
  10. Cool; makes me wanna fly a prop again; good post!
  11. Hey guys, I know once the Anarctica project is finished work will comence on the next project for the US cities series. Thought San Diego would be good as it is an area that is quite densly populated and VERY visable way from KSAN:) Would be impressive on approaches:) Would sell well for people flying in and out of KLAX and KSFO as both of those airports finally are getting made for FSX as there has been nothing there add-on wise West Coast US besides photo scenery which is good btw and yall's wonderful San Francisco X:) My two cents anyhow:)
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