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  1. hi aerosoft just wanted to know if you was every going to do the scenery for cyprus for all the island. as its such an importent island were it sits in 3 different continents europ africa and asia. its such a beautiful island soooo much can be done with it. the defalt cyprus is to green in some places were it shoudent. it should be more dry and arred. its also to flat cyprus is quit hilly qith winding back roads and small cypriot villeges... ah i could go on for ages talking about it i just love cyprus. and i know it would be a great secnery. please say you will and also i noticed some things to be added to the larnaca scenery like the larnaca airport sign on the round about in greek letters, and some round balls that light up at night at the entrance of the airport and some big advertisment bill bords on the main moter way to the airport. if you every need pics i will gladly try to help. many thanks l. christou
  2. if only fsx could look like this shourly the effects we add into videos fsx can make them no?
  3. hi yh thats looks deeper it looks better. this pic was taken in london
  4. ohh what a beauty. if i have to be really picky the blue needs to be abit less vibrent and abit more deeper like a royal blue. i realy cant wait to fly this thanks so much
  5. hi they only just got them. because the two a330s was on wet lease once the lease was up they replased them with two a321s. cyprus airways was looseing alot of money with the a330s. the other a321 is due this month the reg will be 5B-DCP and the name of the aircraft will be morfou
  6. hey holgi well cyprus airways has finaly got 2 new a321s i only have a pic for one of them its 5B-DCO and the name at the front is APOSTOLOS ANDREAS
  7. yh they are. it says all the major airports included
  8. well i have tryed to buy it two times now and it never works i put all my card detail in and all that blah blah click purches and it takes my back so iv given up. but its ok iv just seen that aerosoft are doing a big los angeles scenery thing
  9. hey does anyone know if aerosoft will ever do a mega airport lax??
  10. i think i can safely say there is not one good or up to date traffic program on that market. fsx traffic is old and the aircraft are crap. UT2 well lets not go there. the only thing i like about them is the aircraft. it always has problems and never works. will aerosoft maybe make one?
  11. ok this is mad... flying blind from the hot sun. landing in larnaca, cyprus. in the mid-day sun! slap the sunscreen on.
  12. iv looked but the link is broken.
  13. hi i only posted it here just because iv seen another post for the pmdg 737. oh can you show me were they have been done?
  14. steep bank to the left getting ready to line up for runway 22 at larnaca airport in cyprus looking out on the left side of a cyprus airways a330. late afternoon in the hot sun.
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