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  1. Just pre-emtyping a question as I have watched and learned from all the tutorial videos and could not find this. 1) Does anyone know what folder to put a downloaded simbrief Aerosoft CRJ format flight plan in MSFS 2020? Cheers, Simon
  2. Took my holiday the week this comes out, what a coincidence lol, and considering we are still in a lockdown here, it will get most of my attention.😄 I am going to start learning now, I was reading the manual, I see you can select panel states from the efb, I heard you can also save states. Do you save states under the efb or the fmc? Also, are those saved states in addition to the states it comes with? This will be the flightsim highlight of the year for me. So, thank-you Aerosoft for being the first larger aircraft add-on for Flight Simulator.
  3. This is not an MS support forum, this is a preview forum. Some ppl have performance issues post MS updates, some do not, I agree this is not the place for base performance with the sim; there are numerous other places for that.
  4. God, a lot of pomp and circumstance with all this, but hey for the first larger ac add-on for the new platform, Aerosoft deserves the anticpiaton. 😂
  5. Yes, I could tell it was a real photo when I zoomed in on it. I thought someone painted SAS livery on a 700 model as the wings are the same.
  6. 1) I understand you can load flightplans from simbrief that you have created and downloaded in the CRJ format. 'Most' CRJ flights are short hops so they are saying you can enter all FMC route data in the preflight phase with less time to gain experience.
  7. Agreed... the external textures and the vc look spectacular.
  8. Ok, simbrief does have an output format that you can download for the Aerosoft\DA CRJ already? I wonder if you can save flight plans in the FMC if you were to input them from scratch and re-use that route?
  9. If we have downloaded a CRJ compatible flight plan from simbrief; does the CRJ accept it?
  10. Thanks for checking on that. I will be keeping to small legs, so that will help. I will route plan using simbrief and if we can load from there eventually, great, or I will use their route and put it in the FMC. Can you save a flight plan in the CRJ and re-use it once inputed in the CRJ FMC initially?
  11. Thanks for the video's. Great job on the textures in the cockpit. Did you guys manage to find out about using the default MS Flightsim 2020 flight planner use with the CRJ? Thanks again,
  12. They have said it has similar performance to the default Cessna Longitude, which I believe is similar to the A320.
  13. Yes, at least we can set up wing views in all the default ac and the one add-on ac I have tested in the method described above. So I assume it should be ok in the CRJ. Most of the time to be spent in the VC, but it is nice too see the wing from the cabin once and awhile as well 👍
  14. Is one able to set a wing view if they like; not looking at the cabin, just the wings; can you see the flaps move etc? I recall being able to it on the P3D version; however the camera\view system is different in flight simulator. I have been able to set wing views in all the ac with flight simulator so far.
  15. Thanks. I will await to see if it is able to import a default MSFS flight made via the flight planner into the FMC. MSFS spawns the ac in C+D with the route in the FMC. Yes, for my basic needs, the map functionality and custom waypoints as well as being able to visualise the flight plan is quite good.
  16. Was not sure if this response is for the simbrief question or the default MSFS route planner. So if I set-up a simple route via the MSFS flight planner will this go into the FMC as other ac in the sim? Just checking as I find the MSFS planner ok for my needs at present. Thanks, Simon
  17. This may have been asked, but does the CRJ accept and load into the FMC a default flight plan done in the default FS 2020 flight planner? Thanks for any answer, Simon
  18. Ok thanks for your input. I was checking as Aerosoft mentioned that the CRJ does have a highly dependency on memory. Not sure if VRAM, or RAM or both is used more as it was a vague statement. Hopefully 16 GB should be ok for a well optimised system. Simon
  19. As the CRJ requires sometime to learn for newbies, perhaps releasing while most of the westernised world is still in lockdown would be beneficial for sales and time as more at home for longer periods. 😲 Just one question, I have 16 gb of ram, never have any issues with ram in FS2020. I have 24 gb vram. CPU is ok as 9700k at 5.0 ghz. With the A320, and others my ram is always 8-10 gb's used on high settings and decent scenery. Does the CRJ eat more ram than the other aircraft in FS 2020? My system is well-optimised windows-wise and I get very good performance and no issues with ram with all default ac and add-on airports. Thanks. The CRJ will be a blessing in the simulator. 🙌 Simon
  20. Good to see it in action. Looks and sounds great. Thanks for the cloud surfing video!
  21. It will help greatly with learning especially with people being stuck indoors over winter with lockdowns etc.
  22. Always a good to start with coffee! This is a good idea as there is a large audience out there for MS Flight Sim and this aircraft differs from Boeing and Airbus. Will these take place in the simulator in the VC of the CRJ and will they be available before or close to release? Simon
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