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  1. Sadly none of those options fixed the issue. The A318, A319 and A321 work fine as well as all my other aircraft. Only the A320 is giving the problem, so I think the fix would lie with something that's a bit more specific to the A320. Is there anything else that could cause this issue? Update: Just went ahead and reinstalled the plane over the old copy, and it seems to work again... Not sure what messed it up but all's good again.
  2. Thanks, I'll try those suggestions once I get back home. Just wanted to emphasize that only the Aerosoft Airbus A320 Professional seems to currently suffer the hang, so I was wondering if you could explain how rebuilding Shaders and Prepar3d.cfg might help? Just out of curiosity... the sim runs absolutely fine besides this specific issue.
  3. Hello, I just ran into a strange problem with the A320 Professional. Selecting the A320, doesn't matter where in the world, in what livery or with what engine variant, P3Dv4 hangs. There is no specific dll to pin this on, it simply hangs right after loading is complete. Sometimes the cockpit is displayed and sometimes it's not, the screen just stays black. Not quite sure what to think of this. This happened this morning. I successfully flew the plane a few days ago. The A319 is unaffected, as well as the A321, so it's specific to the A320. I happened to install some liveries yesterday using the livery manager, but I can't imagine that it would cause the entire sim to hang...? Any suggestions? I'd rather avoid reinstalling... Best, Benjamin
  4. Hello all, I recently reinstalled Aerosoft's Helsinki airport with success into P3Dv4. I know I know, not supported and all that, I know. My question is about something else: I was trying to find a parking for my airBaltic Majestic Q400, and when I was looking into Little Navmap, highlighting every gate to find a gate with the airBaltic parking code (BTI), I didn't find any. Yet I know airBaltic does fly to Helsinki. Is there an updated AFCAD somewhere that adds the airBaltic parking code into the AFCAD? Best, Benjamin
  5. Those are really beautiful screenshots. Loving what I'm seeing! In all honesty, I've never been one of Greece-going crowd, but given the importance of this airport and its beautiful execution in FS, I might want to have this! Flying Athens - Heraklion should be nice
  6. Beautiful! Been waiting so long for this scenery to come, and so happy now to see that it's coming Anchorage is feeling lonely... Should be nice to have some more airports in Alaska.
  7. Indeed! I look forward to flights between Athens and Heraklion with the Airbus X (Extended).
  8. Must say I would be very interested in that airport. Have a look at Iran Air: they have soooo many aircraft that nobody else uses. including the last Boeing 747-100 to still be flying. Also they still use the A300B4-200. Having their home airport seems like a pretty good idea to me, and if the OP can provide photographs of all the buildings, I'd be inclined to think "why not". In the end of course, it's only Aerosoft that can predict how many people would buy this. After all, it's not really a mainstream kind of airport.
  9. Looks TERRIFIC. It's as good as the FSX version, doesn't look worse whatsoever in any way! If this is how future CP10 addons are going to look like, I might jst start to seriously think about going for XP10, also with it running on Mac OS X and all.
  10. As cptawsom said, I don'\t know Portuguese, so the Portuguese forum isn't much help to me... Perhaps translations can be provided in the Previews forum? Anyway, nice to know an update is coming!
  11. Since you have Nico, Gibraltar, it might be nice to get some more spanish stuff. Perhaps Madrid, barcelona or the Balearic islands. Lisbon is also a nice, albeit outdated scenery (or so I have heard).
  12. Looks interesting! As the second busiest airport in Greece, chances are great I'll get this.
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