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  1. Oliver, you're probably right about the SOD xml file: I found an old one from Justsim from a previous version from P3Dv4! I haven't tested it yet but I'm 99% sure this caused the problems. EDIT: removing the Justsim EDDH SODE xml file fixed it! Thanks Oliver!
  2. Unfortunately I had never had these enabled I might try a flight with Active Sky, as well as at a default airport. Perhaps one of these causes the crash, even though I do not have issues with the PMDG 737NGX.
  3. But, as I mentioned, TrueGlass is not installed, so it can't possible be the issue There is also no TrueGlass submenu in the addons menu. But, in your previous post you yourself already rules TrueGlass as being the culprit...? Any idea what could be the issue?
  4. I thought I'd chime in as well. Aerosoft CRJ Pro in v5. Tried the same flight twice with the CRJ, one time crashed as I was changing the graphics settings (HDR Brightness), the other as I was climbing out reaching my cruise altitude. Exactly same crash: g2d.dll with a .NET crash as well, pretty same error messages as posted above. So, for me it doesn't seem to relate to a particular thing that I'm doing. And I did the same flight today with the PMDG 737NGXu without any issues. A solution would be most welcome... FYI, I installed v5.1 HF1 fresh, though the CRJ is not the only addon installed. I
  5. Kind of curious to know who this was now... To me none of what was said by Mathijs is new. In fact, a long, long time ago I was told by a mutual acquaintance exactly that - that Mathijs is first and foremost a business man and a salesman. And I'm not sure what else would have been expected. The company is supposed to not only survive, but thrive, correct? That said, me and with me many other P3D users are rightfully saddened to see these shifts in focus, not only from Aerosoft but other companies as well. And part of it feels like something of a rip-off: a quick buck to be gained b
  6. Hi Hans, thanks for your post. I think I figured it out... I removed the chocks BEFORE I removed the GPU, and this inhibited me removing the GPU thereafter. Perhaps a check can be built in that ensures that the GPU (air cart) is removed before the chocks? One thing I did notice is that sometimes the GPU 3D model doesn't appear, even though I hear it and its delivering power. Not sure what's causing that though... Overall, this is such an enjoyably plane to fly! Did three short flights over the weekend and it's really prefect for that. I found the EFB checklists very useful too!
  7. Hello all, I can't seem to disconnect the GPU in the CRJ Pro. I'm in P3D v4.5, version of the CRJ Pro. Basically, I use the 'turnaround' state from the EFB, and when I want to turn on the APU and want to disconnect the GPU through the appropriate tab of the EFB, nothing happens. The GPU button says 'connected' but it's also greyed out and can't be clicked. The only way to get it to disconnect is to load the 'ready to start' panel state, and this gets rid of the GPU. But at that point, I also can't connect the GPU anymore... I didn't really see anything about this in any of
  8. Those are really beautiful screenshots. Loving what I'm seeing! In all honesty, I've never been one of Greece-going crowd, but given the importance of this airport and its beautiful execution in FS, I might want to have this! Flying Athens - Heraklion should be nice
  9. Beautiful! Been waiting so long for this scenery to come, and so happy now to see that it's coming Anchorage is feeling lonely... Should be nice to have some more airports in Alaska.
  10. Indeed! I look forward to flights between Athens and Heraklion with the Airbus X (Extended).
  11. Must say I would be very interested in that airport. Have a look at Iran Air: they have soooo many aircraft that nobody else uses. including the last Boeing 747-100 to still be flying. Also they still use the A300B4-200. Having their home airport seems like a pretty good idea to me, and if the OP can provide photographs of all the buildings, I'd be inclined to think "why not". In the end of course, it's only Aerosoft that can predict how many people would buy this. After all, it's not really a mainstream kind of airport.
  12. Looks TERRIFIC. It's as good as the FSX version, doesn't look worse whatsoever in any way! If this is how future CP10 addons are going to look like, I might jst start to seriously think about going for XP10, also with it running on Mac OS X and all.
  13. As cptawsom said, I don'\t know Portuguese, so the Portuguese forum isn't much help to me... Perhaps translations can be provided in the Previews forum? Anyway, nice to know an update is coming!
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