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  1. Use this: ASCRJ_TQ_REV1_MODE ASCRJ_TQ_REV2_MODE set the variables to 1 arms the reverse, set to 0 to disarm them. Greetings
  2. How can i add the AIRAC Data from the CRJ or from your product NavDataPro into SimBrief or Littlenav Map? Otherwise i could not use the same nav data in planning and in the CRJ.
  3. Great 🙂 Thanks for your response. I am very happy to read that you plan to use the MSFS nav database in the near future. For now, do i need to use the "Aerosoft’s Professional Flight Planner X" to plan a flight with the same data used by the CRJ?
  4. Thanks for the answer. In an half year or so, without a subscription service (to update the nav data in the database of the CRJ), the data would not match anymore. Unfortunately I have not subscribed to such a service.
  5. When there is new AIRAC Cycle data in MSFS and I use it in World Map planning, it does not match the AIRAC data used by the CRJ because I need a subscription service from Aerosoft or Navigraph for it. Is that correct?
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