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  1. I am confused :/ I already have EDDH for FS9.. What's new about this.. I also have Bremen.. Thanks! I don't what version I have now :/
  2. Hi there thanks for your help! I just check the scenery folder and have a ton of .blob files... :-/ Should I delete these... I will also download the latest version of Barcelona as I only have V1.0
  3. It says its already activated And I have the latest version!
  4. Hi All, Just loaded into LEBL and noticed that: 1) the old defualt scenery is showing through Terminal 2 and, 2) there is no tower but the rotating thing at the top is moving around... Had uninstalled and reinstalled but no use :/ Any ideas...
  5. Ah right! Ok no problem thanks very much for your help and I look forward to helping out Aerosoft in the near future!
  6. Hi Shaun, Thankyou for getting back to me Oh right, I see what the issue is now But still, if you have a look through the Stavangar X Topic, you will see that Mathjis Kok did say all people who have posted in the topic saying they wan to be a beta tester will get emailed to by Aerosoft... Regards, Tristan
  7. Dear Aerosoft, For your recent Stavanger X Product that has been released recently, I applied and emailed Aerosoft to become a Beta tester for this product. I was told that I Aerosoft would get in touch with everyone who applied when they got to the beta stage.. I have yet to recieve this email and I was quite excited to beta test for this product, and when I saw that this product was released, I was a bit disappointed Was just wondering if there were any reasons to why the email wasn't sent...? Of course I am still willing to offer my services to Aerosoft and would like to Beta Test more products in the future! Happy New Year to everyone! Regards, Tristan Marchent
  8. Mathijs, I asked if I could possibly beta test for this product and you said that you would email all the people who applied... From Previous preview thread..: I haven't had an email :/ Still very interested in testing other products for you guys Tristan
  9. Hi Shaun, Maybe being a bit too optimistic but I was flying the PMDG NGX.. So maybe that is the reason, online on IVAO although it was deserted at weeze, and REX! But as you said, I will try with a default aircraft such as the Cessna and will let you know Regards, Tristan
  10. Hi all, Today I flew the Ryanair service from Edinburgh to Weeze! when arriving in Weeze, when on approach and landing the frames were quite low, lower than any other sceneries like this :/ But when looking outside the frames were ok Just wondering if I can do anything? I haven't flown there in the day time yet. Will do soon! I would appreciate the help! Many thanks, Tristan M
  11. Hi There, I also have the problem with two catering trucks into eachother :/ Also, when I selected 'De-Ice aircraft' the jetway went away and the baggae loaders went down but did not go back and therefore there was no de-ice trucks arriving :/ Also the same with selecting no de-ice the baggage carts wouldnt go back to allow for pushback :/ So had to do manual pushback, this was with the 737NGX at ESSA Aerosoft Stockholm Arlanda Many Thanks, Tristan
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