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  1. Perhaps to bring some calm here, no one can accuse Aerosoft of not giving any information to the community. Compared to many other developers, Aerosoft has a very open communication strategy. To take one thing in advance yes the expansion pack for the CRJ was announced a couple of months ago and then it became a little quiet around the project. But this delay was communicated. Other companies announce a product and then let us hear nothing for years and then out of nowhere comes another statement. Would you prefer that? I don't think so. Aerosoft has its reasons not to disclose certain things and that's ok. But again, hardly anyone else communicates so openly with us customers. Look at how often Mathijs post news here. If you look at other forums there is nothing there for months.
  2. The new system is really a game changer. This might be a bit off-topic but do you guys also have plans to implement this feature in other already released airports like EDDK? Because I guess for future projects it will be implemented where it makes sense.
  3. Well that's what I call great news 👌
  4. So as Sim Update 6 is around the corner and will be released on the 19th of October, how high is the the chance for a release of the CRJ900/1000 variants in the time period between SU6 and SU7? I hope 100% 🤞 And another thing, I guess Hans and the team had the chance to test SU6 in advance. Will there be any compatibility issues as we experienced them with the release of SU5?
  5. Ok even better Thank you. Topic can be closed
  6. Good evening Well I just zoomed in a bit more than usual to the overhead panel and I noticed that the engine start and stop buttons are messed up: We have for the left engine 2 "start" and for the right engine two "stop" buttons This is nothing urgent but it should be corrected some day Thank you
  7. Hi guys, I've tried the "Ready for Taxi" state multiple times now and always the yaw dampers are disengaged: If I follow the normal operation checklist, yaw dampers should be engaged in the originating check. In others words I would expect them to be activated in the "Ready for Taxi" state as I would continue now with the "Taxi checklist" if I loaded the CRJ in this state. Are there any plans to add the engaged yaw dampers to the "Ready for Taxi" state? Would be great Thanks
  8. Ok you're right I just checked that With ATC Takeoff clearence this works fine but it's strange that for the landing counter you dont need an ATC clearance ... But anyway I guess this is nothing Aerosoft can change, right? If so this topic can be closed.
  9. Hi guys, I have a logical question about the aircraft page in the EFB or more precisely to the wheel chocks and the ground power cart: So in the first image the wheel chocks are removed which means we have no control over the ground power cart and the ground air cart. The second image shows that if we place the wheel chocks we have control over the ground carts. So I enable the ground power cart: And in the end I remove the wheel chocks again and the ground power cart stays connected. But now I can't disconnect it. So I have to place the wheel chocks again. So my question would be if it's possible to change this to one of these options?: 1) If you remove the wheel chocks, the ground power cart and the ground air cart will automatically be disconnected or 2) The ground power cart and the ground air cart will be independent from the wheel chocks. Or maybe you have some input why it is how it is? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, first of all thanks for the great plane. 🏆 I just found a small bug but I dont know if it's related to the sim or the CRJ but with other aircrafts like the A32NX this works fine. I had a look at my logbook entrys and somehow the landings are detected but the takeoff isn't!? This is not a really important issue but anyway I wanted to mention it maybe this can be fixed somehow.
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