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  1. I'm not sure but I thought MS and Asobo intend to bring charts to the base game? So I'm now wondering what will be in the sim first. The ability to access 3rd party charts or the MSFS default charts feature
  2. Well GSX makes good progress as the developers stated in their forum Asobo keeps improving the necessary simconnect features which are required for the GSX release. So maybe we will see this nice tool sooner than later Let's be optimistic. GSX and the CRJ will be a great combination anyway.
  3. Ok thanks for the answer Have a great evening Topic can be closed.
  4. Good strategy 😉 But I think the sound topic is a core decision a developer has to make. The question is which way you wanna go. MSFS offers a wider audience than X-Plane and P3D. You now have many people that are not "simmers". They are more the "gamer" type of a user. So now you have the decision which group you wanna please more. A more roring sound is better for the gamer group because most of them do not care that much about how realistic an aircraft sounds or flies or you leave the sound as "boring" as it is in the real aircraft and please a small amount of simmers who prefer realism
  5. The rule for commercial success But I think I would be happier if people who know it better than me would tell me that I've wrong expectations. In our case we buy a product which intends to simulate a real world aircraft and if real world pilots tell me you dont hear a roring engine sound in the CRJ flight deck than I'm fine with it because I dont know it any better because I've never been in the cockpit of a CRJ (nor any other plane 😥).
  6. Hi guys, Just a quick question to my homebase Are there any plans or at least thoughts to bring EDDN from 29 Palms, Captain7 to MSFS? Thank you
  7. The fun fact of the SpaceJet is that Misubishi reduced the development of their new aircraft due to covid to a minimum. So now you no longer sell the CRJ and the "successor" is not ready. Ergo you lose a lot of money and customers to competitors.
  8. Lol I just searched if there was already an answer to your question and the first match was a post from you back in February xD But I think there was no comment on that so far. At least I couldn't find one.
  9. Oh yes the Fokker aircrafts in Aerosoft quality in MSFS Great idea ❤
  10. Well yes he will do and right now you can even suggest what the next route should be This one will be more related to casual flying but I think we will also learn new stuff in this one
  11. That's what I also thought about planes like the A220 - Simply too big. The best would be Bombardier or now Misubishi 😒 would build a new CRJ 😍 But that sadly wont happen 😞
  12. Hmm probably you're right. But there aren't that many regional jets on the market are they? I mean there are as far as i know only Embraer Mitsubishi Sukhoi Comac Antonov And well I believe most western airlines dont have any of the last 3 in their fleet. So are airlines no longer interessted in aircrafts with less than 100 seats?
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