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  1. Thanks Wolfgang for the answer. Completely new is OK, it can be done for the departure but not when I am flying online on VATSIM and I am on the approach...I have to tell to the controllers that I am flying the Aerosoft CRJ and ask for vectors and when it is a busy traffic is not nice at all. After such a long time since the release, this kind of bug still occurs.. Valentin
  2. I am using P3D v4.5 ( and the latest CRJ Pro version ( Taking this FPLN: EDDM GIVMI6E GIVMI Y101 OSBIT Z719 BIBTA N850 GISEM Z505 ARPEG Z850 ADEMI T854 DOMUX DOMUX2G EDDL GIVMI6E departure is for rwy 08R at MUC. Trying to switch to GIVMI6Q departure and rwy 08L it messes up the fpln, it puts the departure legs at arrival... Why? I had so many issues with DEP/ARR which messes up the FPLN, can someone reproduce this? Maybe I do something wrong...maybe not. Just do not tell me to update to the latest P3D v5 because is not the P3D... Regards, V
  3. Any news on this Hans? Do you need some checks/tests which I can try/do? Did you managed to reproduce the issue based on the fplns above on your side?
  4. Thanks for the reply. So still not fixed. I hope it will be, because on Vatsim there is unfortunately no time to debug the flight plan on the approach or departure... when the controller changes the departure/approach. And I had hard time to comply with their indications Also for the returning flight, FPLN was: LFML ETREK5S ETREK UN871 KINNI UZ67 KORED UN871 DITON/N0452F270 T103 OSDER OSDER4A EDDM and after takeoff I used DIR INTC to waypoint VENTA, plane was already turning to it but then it decided by itself to do a 360 degrees turn ignoring completely that I pressed
  5. It happens to me many times, a change to the departure or arrival messes up the legs. Take this example: EDDM MERSI5S MERSI Y100 TRA Z69 OLBEN UN869 NEMOS DCT GVA DCT BALSI BALSI1R LFML (departure runway 26L) After programming this, change the departure to MERSI2P (departure runway 08R) and let me know how the original flight plan looks like after the change... (LEG page and FPLN page) I am using the latest P3d and CRJ Pro
  6. Meanwhile Hangar226 did 2 textures, links provided on their FB page (https://www.facebook.com/hangar226/ ): Lufthansa Regional D-ACNW https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=215825 Lufthansa Regional D-ACKL https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=215826
  7. I will keep in the future one issue, one topic, I agree. Yes, related to the temperature, exactly, it seems that is happening a longer time.
  8. And please check also the temperature model for the brakes, after 1-2 RTOs and then going to the parking position, when parked with engines OFF (chocks ON, parking brake ON or OFF) the temperature is rising, there is no cool down (it stopped at 2005 and then started to decrease).
  9. Guys, one question from my side, regarding rejected take off. I saw that the spoilers are deployed when I put the A/THR back to zero (and reverse) but I do not see DECEL on the MAX autobrake button (even MAX autobrake was set before departure), is not clear if brakes are applied (seems so, but DECEL is only a fraction ON then OFF). (you can move the topic to the appropriate section if this is not the right one)
  10. vali

    APU sound

    Yes, I tested with the initially and then also with the latest one (switched to the experimental updates).
  11. vali

    APU sound

    Got the A330 (as a gift, I wouldn't buy it), initial impression.. full of annoying bugs unfortunately. Really made a bad impression. For now, I have a question regarding the APU sound, why is going ON suddenly (no spooling) and it goes OFF instantly (after button is pushed) also?
  12. I own both variants for the CRJ, the old one and the professional. I noticed that in the Pro variant for D-ACNN is used the old Eurowings paint which is not the reality. In the previous CRJ package it was the Lufthansa Regional paint included (the actual real paint). Can this be updated also for the PRO? I do not understand why the change. Thank you.
  13. In some of my flights the CRJ 900 still does a nose dive on the ILS. I am using P3D v4.4 (and also on v4.5). Weather was fine everytime. Landing was on ILS rwy 08R at EDDM. VOR/LOC was pressed before the APPR. Speed was fine, frequency and course were correct. MDA was also correctly set, the QNH too. After LOC and GS are correctly captured/established, it starts to dive (more than 2800 feet/min). If a disconnect AP, get it back on the path and press APPR again for example, it dives again. I need to manually land it. Which is fine when the weather is good but on bad weather
  14. Yes,same here.I added then the livery manually and after is shown correctly in the Livery Manager.But the auto install, as you mentioned, has the issue.
  15. An answer can be found here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/43188-where-are-the-3-ticks/
  16. This is quite similar with my PC, I have a 2600K. This overclocked and with a good cooler should be fine. Of course, even with better PC you can have sometimes fps under 10... under heaving clouds (high settings for REX Essentials), heavy scenery and most of the FSX settings to the max. Tweaking will help getting most of the time over 20 fps.
  17. Well, your knowledge will help in proper FBW development for Extended version, thanks for what you did so far!
  18. LNAV and VNAV are more a Boeing naming. You can have ALT in managed mode right after take off, above 500ft AGL, and only set the new ALT based on ATC indications (and still use managed mode). For TOD, best way, if you use FSX ATC is to be proactive and to request altitude decrease just right before TOD (within 10nm before), and keep the managed mode. Then you can ignore altitude indications and use the charts. Usually, at some point, for ILS intercept, you and ATC will be again fine. But as descent in managed mode is simplified at Airbus X, depending on rwy to land and approach you have to
  19. Wing lights are not implemented for Airbus X. Would be a nice touch (on some other FSX models work in someways) but on this particular product the effect implementation was not considered as good as the developers wanted to be so was not added. Mathijs can correct me if I am wrong.
  20. I keep the throttles on FS settings because scripts from Finn doesn't work ok for me also (in fact I used reversers with F2 and Idle, CL and so on from the LUA scripts) and at landing, when I am doing Retard, A/THR is not disconnected. If reverse is engaged at advancing the throttles, you need to reverse the axis. Or you can try to do settings to use FSUIPC calibration instead of FS.
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