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  1. Mathijs Kok, pleas answer my question. Where can I find the field to place the voucher.

  2. go to your scenery.cfg and open it with notepad

    now scroll to line 115, and change line active from true to False, if correct you will have also entries at line 116, 117

    of heraklion, if you change all lines are heraklion is displayed

    on False. and save file.

    when you restart that error message must be gone

    because scenery is not loaded anymore, if you have no

    lines in you scenery library then look if you can find the

    uninstalller in programs remove in windows, and remove

    programs, entries in your cfg will also then been removed

    and scenery.cfg will be re-ordered without entries for heraklion.

    hope this can solve you issue.

  3. Hi! Air China and China Eastern for A318-A319. Thank´s kjell wennerholm Sweden
  4. Hi! I can´t find or hear the "bank angle" warning when I exceeds 35 degrees. Is it normal in the Airbus X? Kjell Wennerholm Sweden
  5. Hi, Shaun! I press appr. when I can see a "half" green mark, the glide slope mark, in PFD. I press appr. before the green mark start to moves down. Do I hit the localiser when the green mark start to move down or do I hit it when it first appears in PFD without moving?
  6. Hi, Shaun! Thank´s! I have try this TUT. Now I know what´s wrong in my way to fly. I trust the AP to much. The AP do not take me to the right altitude at the right moment. I have to set rate of descent manually to be at the right altitude (4000 ft, 01R, ESSA). Is it a normal way to fly?
  7. Hi! When I try to auto-land the airbus x it start to turn left and right in the final approach. I have to abort landing. What is wrong? I use step by step and I use TUT. ILS. One more question: When I do descent preparation I turn in 4000 feet. The aircraft start to descent at the right point, I catch the glid sloop. When I reach 4000 feet the descent stop. Do I have to turn in 0000 feet when I do a auto landing? I always have to do a manual landing:-).
  8. Thank`s very much, Piper pilot an Shaun Fletcher! I going for a flight tomorrow, ESSA-EKCH:-). I have a small problem. When I try to do a ILS cat 3 auto land, the aircraft do not land it just passed over the runway (about 200 feet above) and i don`t know why. I have follow instruction step by step but still no landing at the spot. Is it the speed who makes me fail? I stay in the limit speed using the speed brake. Maybe I can use anchor and ropes from the cockpit widow to make a good touch down.
  9. Hi, Again! Are "Heading" in "facility info" equal to CRS number or is CRS number equal to "HDG" in Navigation log, in FSX Flight-plan:-)?
  10. Thank´s for a very fast replay! Do I need a approach plate as an add on or is it included the FSX flight-plan?
  11. Hi! When I follow procedure and checklist and reach approach preparation I enter ILS/FREQ in MCDU RADNAV. Next step is "enter CRS". What is CRS? Where can I find this CRS number? I use FSX flight-planner but I can´t find anything named CRS. So.. What can I say.. I need your help.
  12. Where can i find "the Support Forum FAQs on how to obtain Updates"? I can not find any FAQ in the menu.
  13. Thank´s! I have find my a problem in my fligth handle: I fly to fast . When I slow down aircraft landing goes just fine. //Wennerholm
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