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  1. Wow, 5442 downloads. This must be the highest downloaded livery... One of my preferred! Wished it had Sharklets. Holgi, you have an unmatched skill.
  2. I am wondering if Aerosoft will develop the Airbus 340-600?...That's also one beauty of an a/c.
  3. Hi Damocles. These settings you have porvided, how are they installed under the the "Lights" section? Do I delete the current ones and insert this, or does these settings go under the already existing lifgts settings withnh the cfg file? Please advise,
  4. Hi guys, Perhaps on this forum, I can get some assistance. I have a problem with my Saitek Pedals..The brakes are locked and will not dis-engage. It was working fine but now they remain locked and Windows shows me the red sign "Brake" on the lower left. If I press the Toe brakes it only goes back and fort from brake to brake-differential. Could it be a problem with any CFG file? No special software installed, just plug and play. And I have only assigned the axis within FSX control axis. ( I have tried resetting defaults, deleting all assignments and re add axis only). Does anyone has any idea what cuased this to go bad? Thanks, Johnnie.
  5. Greetings , I purchased you r product Airbus X 5 days ago and today I installed it and I have some inconveniences... (1) I updated from V1.21 to 1.22, however my control panel (Uninstall a program_ still says V1.21. --- The throtles are not functioning a bit... Niether on the keyborad nor on my CH Yoke they function....When you advance to N1, it reaches it then within 3 seconds is comes all the way to idle. Please assit me I will greatly appreciate it, Johnie
  6. Can someome tell me where do I get the latest update for Arbus X Thanks, John
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