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  1. Johnie

    F-14 X versus F-14 X Extended

    Yes, I purchase it. But, I had to go through PC Aviator as I tried directly from Aerosoft's website; but, every time I tried to check out, I kept getting an error message to contact my bank. I used 2 different cards and got the same message. Don't know why. But, anyway, this is a beautiful aircraft. The modeling and textures are superb; so are the systems. I really enjoy it.
  2. Beautiful shots. 6.25 AM. CST. It will be a busy day flying to numerous destinations.
  3. For sure. I understand. With being 1 of the 2 most powerful airplane manufactures in the world, they sure must keep all their top secretes very safe-guarded. But as with everything, hopefully it becomes available someday, soon. ,
  4. Airbus A-350: Mathijs, I understand the A-350 data is currently not available in order to develop a feasible a/c. However, after seeing the beauty of an aircraft Quality Wings has done with the 787, and considering it's Boeing's latest and most modern a/c, I'm wondering if Aerosoft has put any thoughts into "some-day" looking into considering developing Airbus' most modern aircraft-- the A-350--900/1000 ?
  5. Sexy? How is it sexual related or relevant? Ahhh, the terms we sometimes grow using without understanding its meaning.
  6. Hahaha.. the irony. You got 3 downvotes on your post. Wow, people are trigger-happy. What I have noticed is that some people engage in arguments, and once engaged, a grudge develops. Once this grudge is established they keep posting and downvoting each other for almost any comment the other posts.
  7. People downvote when they don't like the comment. That's all. And I agree.. if you don't like the comment just keep walking. And, since we are in the voting celebration, I'm going to give you, Nealmac, a DownVote for not exercising your right to downvote. (LoL, just kidding)
  8. Johnie

    F-14 X versus F-14 X Extended

    Wonderful, Purchasing now.
  9. Johnie

    F-14 X versus F-14 X Extended

    I am highly interested in purchasing the F-14. I have P3D V4.3. I just want get assurance that the current version Aerosoft has for sale will work for P3D V4.3 ?
  10. I've always wondered (I'm being serious).. What is the importance- or the need- to be able to see the wings from the cockpit. I remember a few years ago there was a major "fight" at Avsim about needing to see the wings from the cockpit. I never understood.
  11. Haha . The sense of humour is nice. Every time I read "I can't wait," it makes me think... "Well sorry, you have no other choice."
  12. A majestic aircraft, both in real-life and by Aerosoft for the sim world. I am enjoying the A318/319. The 1st and the 8th pictures look "insanely" real.
  13. Johnie


    Very difficult for anyone to take your words seriously. This is one of the most amazing aircrafts the sim community has, and it will get even better. Did you buy it and flew it. Or, are you just another "ohhh, if it ain't done by my favorite developer then its not good."? Yes, you can get a few things with another bus like failures and few extra buttons , but nothing that you really need. In fact, if you're looking for "the best Airbus simulator" then I'm afraid you will need to save for the next 60 years or till you can buy a real simulator...and no, it will not cost you $140.00... it will be millions.