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  1. I just bought Corfu X and landed for the first time and noticed the bus was floating while driving. Any ideas?
  2. Just a couple pictures I took, the 747 is my current flight bound for Mexico City.
  3. This issue has never occurred for me before but I was just on final approach at LEBL in the A320, i disengaged autopilot at 1000ft and started hand flying it, once I got to about 100ft all control of the aircraft was lost, I couldn't pitch or turn or anything. I'm not sure why this is and its never happened before. Anybody know why? Still got a landing rate of -81fpm though lol
  4. This may seem like a dumb question but its worth a try. I have an nvidia 580GTX graphics card worth around $500-600, currently the second in line at Nvidia behind the 590 and I do still get slightly rough edges when panning around my aircraft and I was wondering if there was anyway you can get rid or smoothen the look out. Here is what I am talking about I mean this guy here is using a 480GTX and he has no rough edges what so ever, so what's the deal?
  5. So I am currently taking many screenshots for a screenshot competition at my VA and I just took one and did a little editing and was wondering if people could tell me which picture they prefer. I am leaning towards the black and white theme. This is just one picture of many I still need to take but I'd like feedback. The theme is 'To Fly To Serve'. Many thanks.
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