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  1. How is the tick tick tick sound activated when disengaging Autopilot? I can find the tick tick tick sound file from Airbus X files. How is this activated, i never get the sound when i disengage autothrottle. (I heard that it should be heard in real Airbus if you disengage Autopilot/Autothrottle on ILS, is this correct?) I think the custom fbw and pfd and nd wont affect this. But how is this sound activated? And for what is "ASC_AIRBUSX_CHIME1" used, never head that too. Even disengaging autothrottle wont give the one tick sound which is found on files too. I am that type of person who likes small things and sounds like this.
  2. Is it possible to do this, black displays would be much nicer than blues, because for me those screens are blue.
  3. Are you still doing this project? I got a suggestion. What about making displays black (background) like in a real Airbus? (all videos of airbus cockpits i have seen have a black background in displays) Is this possible, or are im wrong about that they have black displays? For me the background of displays looks more like blue.
  4. Hey, are you able to repair A320 autoland, it doesnt have time to flare, A321 lands OK.
  5. BTW, the current version works fine, but little problem. A321 - Perfect autoland! A320 autoland: Not so good.. It doesnt flare.. I come about 150 knots down and it says LAND in PFD, when in 10-30 ft, the FLARE comes to PFD, so the plane doesnt start flaring early, but A321 does flare early so it does smooth autoland.. But A320 does not have time to flare. Can you fix this?
  6. This is what i got. Why this happens, before today, my autopilot was normal.
  7. Hello, i had the .0 problem with FMC, so i installed Airbus X again. Now when i select this aircraft, FSX goes "Not responding" and then Fatal error occured. What can cause this, i didnt have this before.
  8. Help, my MCDU shows this damn 0. there, i cant do anything with it because of that! I tried to google solution but i already tried to add that GPS Module thing to dll.xml. Someone said something about PMDG and this. I got PMDG MD-11 installed, is that the problem? Help me please, i want to fly this plane.
  9. I didnt cut thorttles at any time, i didnt hear "RETARD" sound. I think something about 140 ft/rpm would be good flare, i mean 140 ft/min landing speed would be pretty smooth.
  10. Hi! I tested autoland with the new version but... Damnit, didnt got good landing, that happened. Was it my error or was it FBW error? Have you tried this and if yes what was your landing speed if you got autoland successfull?
  11. Nice! I will try it! Let's hope i get an OK landing now!
  12. Nice, i hope you get autoland working, because it did 440 ft/min landing without disengaging the AP and my tire exploded. (FSPassengersX will put the tire explode if i do too hard landing) So i hope you can get glideslope and flare things working, since still it's doing hard landing and thats why i hope you can make it flare good so it lands smoothly, well i use QualityWings 757 and wait next version of this and let's hope you get Autoland Flaring working so we can get smooth nice landings with this Airbus too.
  13. Thanks for reply. So i dont have disengage AP and it disconnects on when landed?
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