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  1. Thank you for the reply everyone, unfortunately the problem is still not fixed. Something important in which i forgot to mention, was before the sim crashes with the fault module name "acontain.dll", i get an error message from FSX saying that the "Visual Model Cannot be Displayed". Hope this might add something to being able to figure out whats wrong. Thank you everyone for your continued help. Rob Jaworski
  2. Just recently when i've started to add several more liveries to my airbus x, every time i go to open the newly added livery, FSX crashes and the fault module name is acontain.dll.....All of my liveries that i added a few months back open and work perfectly fine. But if i were to download a livery right now, install it, and try to open it; FSX would freeze and i would get the acontain.dll fault module as the problem.... Any help would be appreciated. Rob
  3. Sorry if this has been posted before, but i cannot find anything on the forums. When i turn on the "WIng Lights" switch, the lights do not turn on. Will wing lights be included in the next version, or is there a bug with my particular airbus? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Rob Jaworski
  4. Hey guys, I know this has been asked before but i can't seem to solve it. As i am approaching the runway on the ILS approach, i go to disengage the Autopilot, Flight Director, and then turn off ELAC 1, SEC1, and FAC1 to try a manual landing. NOTHING WORKS. Even with all those things turned off i try to gain manual control of the aircraft, but it stays unresponsive for about a minute, and then once it does sense input, the nose either dips ALL the way up or ALL the way down.. Any help would be incredible. Thank you. Rob
  5. and thats consistently... theres not just a couple times that it happens... its happening ALL THE TIME
  6. I know this has been thoroughly discussed on the forum but i just CANNOT find a solution to this. I am using FSX. I have a NVIDIA 9800GT graphics card, dual core 2.7ghz processor, 4 gigs of ram, fsx tweaked just right and using an FPS Limiter. I am getting unbearably choppy framerate whenever using the Aerosoft Airbus X. I have read everywhere that is is FRAMERATE FRIENDLY.... i have not seen this at all! I have tried deleting the secondary PFD and ND, i have tried decreasing the frequency of the refresh rate of the primary PFD and ND to 6, i have tried finding a way to downgrade to the v1.2 or v1.1 installer. i have thoroghly unistalled and reinstalled the Airbus X NUMEROUS times.. Still NO LUCK... I have ALL default scenery, and i am getting HORRIBLE framrate on the ground, and even in the air... i really want to use this product and be able to enjoy it, can ANYONE help?!? Rob Jaworski
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