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  1. 75 ist zwar ein recht hoher Cost Index, aber einen so extremen Einfluss auf die Höhe kann das nicht haben. Der Unterschied durch den CI sollte sich im Bereich +-1000ft aufhalten, grob überschlagen. Hier hilft vermutlich nur einmal Screenshots jeder einzelnen Seite im FMC zu posten, damit wir uns das alles einmal anschauen können.
  2. Wenn Du dein von SimBrief errechnetes Takeoffweight um 3t erhöhst weil Du mehr Treibstoff mitnimmst, ist es nicht überraschend, dass Du das von SimBrief berechnete Level nicht fliegen kannst. Es gibt in SimBrief doch eine Option, wo Du Extra Fuel eintragen kannst, benutz die doch, dann wird das zusätzliche Gewicht in die SimBrief Kalkulation mit einbezogen und dir werden genauere Werte errechnet. Ich kenne grade keine Airbustabellen auswendig, aber auf der PROG Seite werden dir die erreichbaren Höhen angezeigt. OPT ist die Höhe, in der Du am sparsamsten fliegen kannst und MAX ist die maximal erreichbare Höhe. Ich schätze einfach mal, dass Du wegen des zusätzlichen Treibstoffs eher FL330 hättest wählen müssen, weil FL350 zu hoch war. Auf der PROG Seite kannst Du das sehen. Die Berechnung der Crossinghöhe auf der F-PLN Seite ist zum bestimmen der möglichen Höhe nicht geeignet. Ps.: Der Autopilot hat damit nichts zu tun, der kann nur dumm abfliegen, was Du in den Computer eingibst. Mögliche Eingabefehler kann er aber nicht korrigieren.
  3. Was bedeutet denn, dass Du "nicht über FL200 hinauskommst"? Zeigt dein FMC dir FL200 als Max Level an, probierst Du zu steigen und es geht einfach nicht oder was war los? Am besten in so einer Situation immer Screenshots machen, sonst ist es danach weitestgehend unmöglich eine plausible Erklärung für solche Probleme zu finden.
  4. Oh how often did our politicians say that about the real BER already? 🙄
  5. Ahh, posted at the same time as I did. Cheers Ray, enjoy your flights to Berlin!
  6. Features and upgrade options are (as always) listed on the productpage:
  7. The scenery was designed a long long time before FSDT introduced GSXv2. Why should they have implemented an option to remove the jetway back then? There was simply no need for it at the time the scenery was released. Even before SODE was released. The Professional version for P3Dv4 comes with moving jetways out of the box already.
  8. Be aware however that it will not simply be added into the existing navigation database you have in your Airbus. You could buy a subscription to NavDataPro, which can update your database. At the time the Airbus was released the Airbus was not part of the database, thus it's not contained in the data you own. If you want later data you can buy it.
  9. Die Grounddistance ist relevant. Air Distance bestimmt der Fuelplanner selbst wenn der korrekte Average Wind eingegeben wurde und Great Circle ist unwichtig. Wenn Du eh schon die AIr Distance hast, kannst Du diese natürlich auch eingeben und dann auf den Wind verzichten.
  10. Hi, youtube videos really do not serve any purpose here. First of all different airports have different procedures. Some use NADP1, some use 2. Others again have their own special procedures. Some have SID's with speed restrictions which require the flaps to stay extended longer to be able to fly that speed. Then the airline comes into play: Do they prefer any specific NADP to be used or do they maybe have their own procedures? Flaps 2 extended for a short while after takeoff sounds a lot like you saw a video with NADP1 used. Of course you can reduce takeoff thrust in our Airbus. Check the tutorial for details.
  11. Our Corfu has nothing in common with FlyTampas Corfu. Owning our product is not the same as owning the FlyTampa Corfu. They are two seperate products.
  12. Same for me actually, googling for my name some reddit insults about posts I made here are among the first things coming up. If any future employer would actually do that it could turn out pretty bad for me.
  13. It's a question of how you get the ATIS. With ACARS you can get anything you want from anywhere on the world. Imagine it like the internet. If you want to copy a voice ATIS the normal VHF characteristics apply, just like with any ATC voice communication.
  14. Is it really just 30NM in the USA for ATIS? Here in Europe we usually get our ATIS about 200NM out unless there is station interference with another signal on the same frequency. For example EDDB and EDDL use the same ATIS frequency, so if you come from the west and want to get EDDB ATIS you sometimes have to wait until about're about 50NM out from the airport to get it. Normally it is line of sight though, the same as it is with pilot-controller communication. And yes, my airline is probably the last in the world where we still have to copy the voice atis and write it down as we don't have ACARS in our aircraft.
  15. Not free, but since many people have Active Sky that might be an option to use the Active Sky data if your server subscription expired.
  16. I don't know what hit me there, somehow the A/T went into MCP SPD and the MCP window opened up at these speeds. Strange coincidences!
  17. Yes they will! Be sure to follow the guide here in the forums on manually installing liveries! You might see some unpleasent surprises otherwise as some additional modifications are needed for older liveries! Those are easy though, just follow the guide!
  18. There is a Frontier one, at least that's something American for you. British Airways should also be available. Not sure about ANZ.
  19. I can find many A318 paints there, such as Avianca, Mexicana, TAROM and many, many more!
  20. I just edited the post a second before you posted. Did you also look in the second link yet?
  21. This is your place to look for liveries which are already done. If you want to request new ones search in the respective subforums and post there to see if any painter might do a livery for you. Edit: Also look into the liveries made for our FSX Airbus, they can be used in the Professional series with the guide you can find in the forums:
  22. Indeed it is, my record so far is "just" 636kt and we had to push it to M.80 for that
  23. Note the keyword here is "miles per hour". 801mph is "just" 696kt. Record for the 747 is 752kt GS Also note how many Airbusses already made it through the 700kt barrier:
  24. When you prefile a flightplan on VATSIM it adds a *vfps* at the beginning of your remarks section on the network. This stands for Vatsim Flightplan Prefile System if I’m not mistaken. No idea why you would add this into a Pfpx flightplan. Maybe the user got confused by this and tried to force PFPX to add it always? It is certainly not related to any real world procedure, thus it fails your validation.
  25. I am afraid I can not really help you with the technical PFPX issue, but I can help you with the above one. Dublin airport actually requires pilots to plan the L arrivals as they are usually used during peak arrival hours. What they usually do is to clear the L arrivals and then you fly that point merge procedure until it's your turn which is when they clear you direct to the FAF. For planning purposes the L arrivals are to be used though. My company, for quite some time, used to plan the K arrivals to save on the trip fuel but pilots always took at least 10min extra to cover up for the expected delay so we had to change this recently now to the recommended L arrivals.
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