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  1. Good to know guys. Maybe I will give it another look when it goes on sale at some point. It's just one of those products that after you read so many bad reviews about it make you really hesitant to purchase, especially considering there is no trial version or refund available if it doesn't work to your satisfaction.
  2. I'll be honest, after all the complaints that I have read about their EHAM scenery regarding performance and such, I would be pretty hesitant to buy an airport from them unless there is an overwhelming amount of good reviews saying that the FPS are good. I still haven't bough EHAM and probably never will due to the bad performance but there is no way I will touch FCO if I read the same feedback that EHAM got.
  3. Thanks. Got the email and followed your instructions. I'll let you know if I have any problems. Thanks for the help. Regards, Sean
  4. Ok, PM sent as well as an email from my gmail account and my AOL account which is the email account that my store account has listed. Thanks
  5. Shaun, my store account has not been fixed yet and is still showing the FS9 version. What do I need to do to get this fixed? You have my order number already. Is it neccessary to email support again but from the same email address as my store account? All I want to do is have the FS9 version removed which I accidentally purchased and of course have not installed or activated since I am not an FS9 user and have it replaced with the FSX version. Thanks in advance.
  6. Just tried to PM you but got a message that you can't accept anymore PM's. Anyway, I sent the support request from the same address as my store acount but ending in @gmail.com, but since you found my order under the order number I supplied and you just delete/replace that order with the FSX version since I dont use FS9 it's not needed. Thanks, Sean
  7. No, I emailed from my gmail account which is different than the email on my store account. The store account is an AOL address and I use the same letters/name in my GMAIL address as well but rather than being from ...@aol.com its ...@gmail.com I'll send you a PM of the address in which I emailed support. I never use the AOL account because its a hassell to get into and gets spammed to death.
  8. Can't unfortunately, since this product isn't included for both sims at the same price like other products are otherwise I would have both installers available in my shop account. Guess I will just have to wait for customer service to change my order to the FSX version. I surprised myself that I did this after having ordered stuff going back to 2003 for FS8 and FS9 that I accidentally purchased something for the wrong platform.
  9. Tonight I purchased Anchorage X from the Ice Age sale menu for US $21.35. After completing the transaction and downloading, when I went to run the installer the installer said I had the FS2004 version. First of all I have no idea how I ended up purchasing the FS9 version since the product page said I was getting the FSX version and it also says the FS9 version isn't available yet. Unsure of what to do I went ahead and sent an email to support@aerosoft.com explaining what happened. Is there anything else I can do or do I just wait to hear back from them? My order number is #331722. Basically what I want to do is cancel the FS9 version and get the FSX version since I no longer use FS9. Thanks in advance.
  10. Well, honestly I have never found the need to use any other browser besides IE7, until now of course since I am having an issue accessing this forum on IE7. In all the years of internet browsing IE7 or whatever version of IE I was using always seems to be sufficient. I'm honestly not sure what the features or benefits are of using any other browser besides a version of IE, except that I downloaded and installed Chrome just to use for the Aerosoft forums.
  11. I haven't tried either of those versions. On my internet computer I have always just used IE7 that came with the install disks. I might give IE8 a shot to see if it works, however since my internet computer is on Win XP, I understand that IE8 is as far as I can go since IE9 is for Win 7.
  12. Hi Shaun, I tried downloading the new version of NiceX again last night and it seems like whatever it was cleared up. I was able to download NiceX and it only took about 10 minutes at ~350KB/sec. Guess something was going on during the day which was causing a major slow down, but seems to be working fine now.
  13. I just went to download the new version of Nice (LFMN) and got a speed of 6 to 10 KB/sec which indicated it was going to take between 6.5 to 11 hours to download the installer. Normally when I download a product here of that size it normally takes somewhere around half and hour if that. Is there an issue with the servers or are they just really busy at the moment? I have tried a few times today and got the same result each time.
  14. I'm still having a problem getting the site to work on IE7. Tried all of the advice above, cleared cache and temp IE files, reset IE, ran virus and malware, spyware scanner, rebooted, etc. Today I downloaded Chrome and that is what I am using now to access the forum. Seems to be working fine on it so I guess I will just use Chrome if I need to access this forum since I cant seem to get IE7 to work correctly with the new forum software.
  15. Hard to say, different browser, different OS, etc. could be anything or any number of causes. At least I know its not just me since a guy on another forum is having the same issue as me. You would think that resetting the browser settings, clearing temp internet files and clearing the cache would have solved it though if it was a problem with my computer. Like I mentioned all other forums using this style/type of forum software behave and work fine except this one. Oh well, I suppose it will remain a mystery unless others report the same issue I have. Thanks for trying to help.
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