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  1. Hi Mathijs, I like to support the wish for a notification when updates are available as recommended by Cat3Dual. That's something that should easily be added for example to the frequent advertising mails we all get. Or - as Cat3Dual wrote - as an extra information for registed customers based on the installation data (if available) and automatically sent when something is added to the support database. Good for customers and at least very good for the Aerosoft support if always the newest version of an addon is installed. BTW: wasn't it planned to use the launcher for such benefit? And is it really used? Ciao, Rainer.
  2. The guys don't forget Düsseldorf. Be sure. Sorry that I'm not able to give more information yet. Ciao, Rainer.
  3. Hi, is somebody here from Hamburg who knows the correct GPS coordinates from the new radar tower? Thanks, Rainer.
  4. Hallo Patrick, wegen der schwarzen Teile im Bodensee: Kannst Du bitte mal gucken, ob die schwarze Kante gar keine schwarze Linie ist, sondern genau den Bereich abgrenzt, wo der Bodensee auf zwei unterschiedlichen Höhenstufen liegt? Sagt Dir LWMViewer was aus der Vergangenheit? Mit dem könnte man die dahinterliegenden (und vielleicht schuldigen) LWM-Polys finden, die den Bodensee darstellen. Wäre vielleicht hilfreich, wenn Du Deine scenery.cfg hier mal anhängst, damit man Deine installierten Addons sieht und daraufhin schon Schlüsse ziehen kann. Ansonsten ist allerdings über LWMViewer dies sehr leicht sichtbar, was da exakt passiert. Und zwar mit der hier liegenden V2: http://www.jimkeir.co.uk/FlightSim/LWMViewer.html Wegen der Stufenbildung: Welches terrain/Mesh hast Du denn rundherum installiert? Terrain-max-vertex-level auf 21? Ciao, Rainer.
  5. Moin Andreas, da ich mir ja auch hier und da so was bastle... Wenn ich Du wäre, dann würde ich ein extra AFCAD-Flughafen-File für das AI-Luftschiff erstellen, welches nur die Grasbahn und den Weg zum Standort abbildet. Natürlich mit einem eigenen zugehörigen ICAO-Code dieses anderen "Flughafens". Du kommst mit Deiner jetzigen Lösung sonst immer in das Problem, dass entweder die normale Startbahn (also nicht Gras) genommen wird oder auch andere Flugzeuge plötzlich die Grasbahn nutzen. Beides wohl unrealistisch. Ciao, Rainer.
  6. You both are correct. It's a mix between Scenery Germany Bremen and German Landmarks with own excludes, own lwm- and vtp files and some changes that my installation has no problems with the Ultimate Terrain Europe underneath. And - yes - that's FS9. But with nearly all bitmaps changed (some from world environment, ground environment, flight environment, HDE, own changed agn-files for having more and better autogen and enbseries. Tweaked now for many years, so it's maybe a FS9+. Ciao, Rainer.
  7. I'm not an Aerosoft staff member and have no rights to pin a topic. Ciao, Rainer.
  8. Thank you Axel, received the message. I'm forwarding these info to the developer. Ciao, Rainer.
  9. Hi Nils, the same to your question. We would need better photos from this logo. Ciao, Rainer.
  10. Hi Axel, no, it's not included at the moment. But if you (or someone else) is able to give me information about the correct GPS-position, could post here some good photos and have info about the dimensions it will be included or delivered a little bit later separately. Because in my eyes it's worth to include it. Your photo sadly isn't good enough to deliver these needed data I asked above. Ciao, Rainer.
  11. @Axel: Do you have a photo or a screenshot? What radar tower do you mean? @Mika and all Werder Bremen fans - a view minutes ago I got a new bgl and a bitmap. Ciao, Rainer.
  12. @Nils: I have forwarded your question. @Herman: Yes - it looks like she's a real aviation fan. Or is it possible that she belongs to me? @Axel: No, it's not included in my beta. To your Hamburg question please wait, I'll check it. @Mika (a question at simflight.de): Forwarded this to the developer. Maybe it will be included. Ciao, Rainer.
  13. ... and as promised more screens. Today EDDW-Bremen: Ciao, Rainer.
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