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  1. Hi Max, Your site is on my "heve to look for updates every day"-list allready. Your "What I am working on"-list looks promising. On your Utilities pages under the chapter Add-ons for FSX the link to Ian's site: http://carrier.csi.cam.ac.uk/forsterlewis/soaring/sim/fsx/simobjects/ will not be misplaced, I think. Keep up the good work, I'll be watching you.. :-) Groeten, Bert
  2. Same problem here since a few weeks, only with the Aerosoft forum. My system runs with W7 32-bit and IE9. Ressetting IE9 and forum settings didn't do the job. Bert
  3. I didn't mean the control stick in the glider, but the joystick that is connected to my computer. Is that moving too?
  4. Do I see a new feature to be developed? While the first pilot controls the plane, the joystick of the co-pilot is moving :-) Bert
  5. Thanks Wolfgang and Ian, for this superb soaring monster. Soaring from Sion to Innsbrück last night was a peace of cake. Great job, Bert
  6. Welcome Mike, here is a link to an article Ian aka B21 publiced about the subject on his site some years back. http://carrier.csi.cam.ac.uk/forsterlewis/soaring/sim/fsx/dev/gps/ Does this answer your question? Bert
  7. Hi Peter, How does CX! remember the setting of the turbulence. I can see that param in the CX! settig page, but I don't see it at the bottom of any .CMX file. And according to the helpfile it should be the bottom parameter in the .CMX files. Bert
  8. Here is my igc after my first attempt. Time 1:35h I had a slow start so I think it can be done about 5 to 10 minutes faster. Bert BRT_Hltn_Blrstn_2011-02-02_2054.zip
  9. The request if the DLL is trusted, only effects the FSX.cfg. After confirming a new line is added in the [trusted] section of fsx.cfg, telling fsx that the dll is trusted. Bert
  10. Sorry Max, Installing the VC++ 2010 libraries didn't solve the problem here. Bert
  11. Correction/Update: Ian, you are right:blush: The FSX-caiset doesn't show up on my system. My system: W7 32-bit, FSX Deluxe, SP1, SP2 and SDK installed. FSX runs in administrator mode. What I saw earlier was the "old" fs9-caiset. There is a copy of the caiset.gau in the FSX gauges map and also in the LS8 panel map. The instructions Max gave us to change the panel.cfg only effects the 2D-cockpit mode, and not the virtual cockpit mode, and because there are copies of the fs9-caiset.gau in the FSX/Gauges map and also in the LS8/Panel map, what I saw in virtual cockpit mode was the fs9-caiset, and not the fsx-caiset. When I renamed the fs9-caiset.gau files to fs9-caiset_off.gau, ín 2D-cockpit and in VC mode all I saw was the background pictures of the caiset. Sorry for the confusion. Bert
  12. Hi Max, The .dll works fine on my system with W7 32-bit. I didn't need to install the LCD-font. I cannot reproduce the error that Scott reported earlier on his system (I tried it several times and everything kept on working, also wheb I switched from std. vario to slow and/or fast and back). Bert
  13. Hi Jeff, I have installed mesh_fermandois_chile01.zip and mesh_fermandois_chile02.zip, both dated dec-2009. They are downloadable from avsim.com and they work for fs2004 and FSX (search for fermandois). It is a pretty acurate mesh, but sometimes with this mesh, the RL's also go out of site to pop up some time later again. And the RL's always dissapear when they are at a more than 10NM distance from the user. Hope this helps, Bert
  14. Oké, between all the hard work on gauges, polars and wave simulation time for some fun. Atached is a zip file with files in it to make it possible for you to fly the SOAR DG along with the RL-cracks in a World Champion Contest task of 324km. How did I do that: In the first week of 2010 the WCC 15m Gliding took place in Chili (it is summer in Chili in january). I picked up from the internet the IGC-files from the participators of every day of the contest and also the daily tasks and weather forecasts. I then planted the IGC's of WCC day 2 into FSX so simlogger will recognise them and I created a flightplan with the RL waypoints and a FSX weather setting, close to the RL- weather forecast of that contest day. I finally manipulated the flightplan so, that when loading the flightplan the SOAR DG starts at the startline at the same time and altitude the RL-cracks cross the startline. So when I start the task after a few seconds I find myself surrounded by "RL-soarers" setting course for waypoint 1. Cool! How to install the task in your FSX: 1. Of course first it is needed you have SOAR DG, Simlogger and CumulusX installed and working. 2. Unzip the attached file and copy the .pln, .flt and .wx and the folder with the IGC's in it into the folder that contains the FSX flight files. On my computer that is c:\Users\owner\my documents\Flight Simulator X files. Preparation before flight: In the zipfile you will also find the official RL-task and RL-weather information for the day 2 task. How to run the task: Then start FSX and in the FREE FLIGHT menu load the task titled FAI World Chili day 2 on air. That's it, the task will load and start in paused mode. Press <P> to unpause when you are ready for action. Have fun and take care, especially until halfway to waypoint 2 !!! Bert FAI world chili day 2 on air.zip
  15. Hi Max, Good to see you back here. Sorry, but on my system I can't reproduce your problem. I can change water ballast values in cockpit-view as in other views. Some-one else? Bert
  16. Yes, you will be visible, but the plane they will see is a default FSX plane (the Cessna if I remember correctly) Bert
  17. November 2008 I wrote a topic on how to implant Max Roodveldt's yawstring into the DG. It works in 3D with limitations, see my explaination: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=24626 Bert
  18. Much better (stable) results with your settings. Thanks, man Bert
  19. Hi Scott, Your video looks great. I see you only get 14FPS within Freetracknoir. I tried FTN too the other day with a cheap webcam. My FPS at first were less than 9, but when I unchecked the low light option in the settings of the webcam, framerates in FTN raised up to around 25. Maybe that helps with your webcam too. On the other hand, I never reached such stable movements in FTN as I see in your video. Can you please upload some screenshots of the FTN-setup (global- and EWMA-settings and curves). Thanks in advance Bert
  20. Hi Yonieter, I sure like to see a ASK23 in FSX. At the forum of http://www.fsdeveloper.com you can find tons of information to help you through the canopy-transparancy issue. Bert
  21. Yeah, those were the days, my friend. I remember it took us some time to find out that the phenomenon was related to FSX-acceleration only. BTW did you know one can still encounter those pink bullets in the current version? Only nowadays you can see them when flying around 30.000ft up in the sky. Bert
  22. bruin

    Cloud Generation

    Have a look at all the options you can enable/disable in the main screen of CX! Bert
  23. Peter, Be aware you will have to build a whole new AI-engine for this. Some years ago I have examined the FS9 AI-engine for possibilities to get AI-gliders thermalling and flying patterns. At the end I had some AI-gliders (with built-in Stemme-engines) thermalling in the air in particular weather situations, but never succeeded to make a succesfull concept for all weather situations. And since the FSX AI-engine is not that far off the FS9 one, I don't think it can be used for AI-gliders either. Bert
  24. That's odd, mine did too the other day. We don't share the same wife, do we? Bert
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