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  1. Max's yawstring works if you move the fsssound.dll as in my other post.
  2. Hope these links work View from the front during the Austrian Competition Flight. External view during the same flight. There are 5 thermals in view in the piccy. I really can't see that this is any different to looking for cloud topped thermals in real life (although I am not a real life pilot). There is a definite area of disturbed air around the thermals and they are of different strengths. There are also some flying eagles that soar in thermal columns for you to look for too. Don't lose your enthusiasm Foster I am enjoying it much more than FS2004. All Wolfgangs gliders work and we can now use Max's caiset. There is also an instrument in the default DG that is loaded by the GPS system, which also has an audible variometer. Wolfgang has started using this in his gliders so you can have the choice of which system to use on loadup.(remember Max's set can only use up to 10 waypoints per task. The default Austrian flight uses 14 so the default GPS is better, although you can see from the piccys I am using the caiset) At low fps FSX is definitely much less jerky than FS2004. Microsoft seems to think that in England the fall produces desert like conditions, which is unreal but I have pre-ordered the Generation X photographic scenery which will overcome this problem and then it will be back to finding real life tasks and competitions to fly in FSX.
  3. 1. No 2. No 3. Yes if you are making thermal scenery but you cannot change the autogen thermals which I presume change with the weather and time. 4. If anything it is worse. There is only a copy of the thermal, leaving you to work out how to do ridge and wave lift and how to do sink. There is a copy of the thermal and ridge scematic indicators. What I did with FS2004 was to decompile the scenery files and look how Microsoft had done it. We now have no compilers to do this with FSX. All scenery files are numerical to follow a grid pattern which is shown in the SDK. So first work out which grid square you are in and then what number the folder will be in the scenery folders and then try to work out which one will have the bit you are interested in - and THEN try to decompile it. I will try to take a screenshot and see if I can remember how to post this. But the thermal schematics look very much like almost transparent ribbon spirals in the sky, the spiral being upwards of a thousand meters across. They do not interfere with normal flying and, indeed, you don't notice them after 5 minutes unless you are looking for them. On balance they make for better soaring than anything that has gone before - in my humble opinion. Microsoft have perpetuated their mistake in bglcomp.xsd so that has to be put right before you try to compile any soaring scenery. I will post anything else that I feel is relevant as I come to it.
  4. To get Max’s CAI set working in FSX move a copy of FSSound.dll, SOARRec.dll, SOARRec.log and any copy of a GPS-NAV.dat into the main FSX folder. On startup the program asks whether to start both dlls and whether they should become trusted software. Answer in the affirmative. You can then click on the buttons on both the gps-nav and the variometer to get these working. FSZweverview2.exe should also be put into the main FSX directory and this will then load the gps-nav which should be situated in the gauges folder. These remarks apply to mr_fs9_caiset.gau , which is what I use. I am downloading all Wolfgang’s gliders again to start fresh in FSX and will amend all the panel.cfg files if they need it. You can test the variometer by going into tutorial 7 and altering Tutorial07.FLT to get rid of the DG and putting in the sailplane of your choice (aircraft title from the aircraft.cfg file). This mission has thermal, ridge and wave lift in it and rotor at the back of the hills so you can give the gauge a good thrash. So Max, if you are reading this, thanks yet again for your work.
  5. Has anyone seen the yawstring yet? According to the SDK the yawstring is now in the aircraft config file and is supposed to be in the DG808S. I haven't seen it in either the 2d or VC. I have added the relevant line to Wolfgang's gliders but it still doen't appear. Neither does Max's yawstring either. The standard slip meter does work (Rick Pipers T21 works great in FSX, although there is no dial on the altimeter). I shall just have to go with the report of the British air ministry in the 1920's who refused to sanction canopies for RAF planes on the basis that the pilot had to lean his head out to see the grouind to be able to judge his altitude.
  6. CCS works in FSX. You can download the new FSUIPC and install it to get limited functionality, which I presume includes connecting to the sim so CCS should work for everyone. I would, however, recommend registering a full copy of FSUIPC which gives much more control of the environment - clouds, winds and visibility. I can't get Max's caiset to work though - perhaps it's me so I am continuing to try various options.
  7. Being a curious sort of chap I looked at the files included with the FSX demo. In there is a file called ThermalDescriptions.xml. So, curiosity peaked I opened the file. Not being a programmer it means not a lot save for the bits in plain text. I have copied and pasted below whatI think is interesting particularly in respect of sink. <ThermalDescription id = "{4f5e0001-1e81-11db-9897-001372201444}"> <RadiusMin>2000</RadiusMin> <RadiusMax>3000</RadiusMax> <HeightMin>4000</HeightMin> <HeightMax>6000</HeightMax> <CoreRateMin>2.5</CoreRateMin> <CoreRateMax>3.5</CoreRateMax> <CoreTurbulenceMin>0.05</CoreTurbulenceMin> <CoreTurbulenceMax>0.10</CoreTurbulenceMax> <SinkRateMin>1.0</SinkRateMin> <SinkRateMax>1.5</SinkRateMax> <SinkTurbulenceMin>0.2</SinkTurbulenceMin> <SinkTurbulenceMax>0.4</SinkTurbulenceMax> <CoreSizeMin>0.4</CoreSizeMin> <CoreSizeMax>0.6</CoreSizeMax> <CoreTransitionSizeMin>0.1</CoreTransitionSizeMin> <CoreTransitionSizeMax>0.1</CoreTransitionSizeMax> <SinkSizeMin>0.2</SinkSizeMin> <SinkSizeMax>0.3</SinkSizeMax> <SinkTransitionSizeMin>0.1</SinkTransitionSizeMin> <SinkTransitionSizeMax>0.1</SinkTransitionSizeMax> </ThermalDescription> Can't wait for the SDK. I had made up my mind not to buy FSX until I read this. Now I am re-thinking.
  8. Thanks for that. I reckon the new server is faster. Regards.
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