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  1. Bert, thanks - and you're right - I should have added a links page... Max
  2. Hi all, it's up and running: FSZwever.nl and I can't wait for your comments... Max.
  3. Hi, I've decided to put the website back on: FSZwever The URL has changed from fszwever.com to fszwever.nl - I always wanted a .nl extension... It's still under construction but I needed the space to store my files. Please note it's only FSX from now on. And the downloads are just dummies to check if it's working - real files will be available later on. More later... Max.
  4. Got it - 60 (even a little better) - wonderful... Good idea, thanks. Perhaps we can synchronize some watches... Max.
  5. no, it crashed my polar gauge, and the gauge crashed FSX - and it took the usual 'couple of hours' to locate it... oh well, it's all part of the fun. Max. btw - how do I setup for a best L/D of 60 ? I'm reaching only 50.2... (with water ballast and no flaps)
  6. There's a - small - error in the aircraft.cfg: station_load.0=165, 5.0, 0, 0, 0.0 // this line has 5 entries where there should be only 4 station_load.1=150, 2.0, 0, 0, 0.0 // please remove the last entry - 0.0 //station_load.2=10, 3.0, 0, 0, 0.0 // so the next 2 lines will work... station_name.0=Pilot station_name.1=Rear Passagier //station_name.2=Equipment Max.
  7. Ian and Wolfgang, thanks for a wonderful plane - compliments to both of you - great jobs. Max.
  8. Hi, the updated CAI set is working, the polar gauges are working, the waypoints editor is running, the polar viewer too... All that's left to do is writing some user's guides - and that's the worst part by far... Cheers, Max.
  9. Hi Ian, thanks for the information and all the info on your website - it's a great help. Cheers, Max.
  10. Thanks, that's a very good idea - I'll look into it. Max.
  11. Hi, here's a little progress report - so far I've got: updated Grob Astir CS flying (still needing some work in the animation dep.)updated CAI-set - with up to 10 tasks.all new gauge set to test fly the polars from the 'virtual' planes.a viewer to study those polars.a waypoints editor - to create the gps-nav.dat file from original CAI formatted *.dat files and to add up to 10 tasks.updated version of AirWrench - it now includes the ballast tanks as used by the default DG-808. and it's all working on the win7 platform. The way things are progressing it might take a month (or a little more) to take the most obvious bugs out. I'm still thinking about doing a new recorder - with a standard IGC format output - so it can be read by the usual (commercial) viewers.. If you might have some wishes regarding all of this, now is the time... Regards, Max.
  12. Jerry just released an update of AirWrench that includes the water ballast tanks - looks really good...
  13. Hi Dave - no, not yet. I haven't yet solved the Win7 problems I've got but I ran into something completely different. To create polars this way planes need to have reasonably correct air files and most of the ones I have (12 in all) don't. Some of the older planes still use the fuel tanks for ballast - that's a lot of re-writing. I downloaded a copy of AirWrench to do something about it only to discover it didn't know anything about water ballast (amongst things) Jerry is looking into that... Cheers, Max.
  14. Perhaps slightly off topic (but not in my case) - what Windows 7 version do I really need ? There's Home, Pro and Ultimate - and how about just upgrades (like the Home family pack) ? And there's a 32-bit and 64-bit version of each... I've to upgrade 3 machines (2 for me - 1 for the wife (or even 6 - counting the childern and the dog) so clean installs could be rather expensive... At the moment the machines are running on Vista (1x) XP (4x) or 2000 (1x) - if I buy upgrades I only have to replace the 2000 first. Any advise ? Max.
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